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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:50

Yamagatakaseikogyo Co.,Ltd.

Yamagata Kasei Kogyo aims to contribute to the recycling society in Japan in consideration of the environment.

Our company was established in 1966 as a manufacturer and distributor of Styrofoam. Styrofoam is a lightweight material with good insulation properties and excellent workability, and which has a wide range of applications, including agriculture, fisheries, industry, construction, and civil engineering. It also boasts a high recycling rate. The recycling rate in Japan is about 90% and is still improving.

Our Styrofoam products are used as cushioning materials for precision equipment and home appliances, cold storage containers for agricultural and marine food products, heat-insulating building materials, and civil engineering materials. In addition, we have gradually expanded the scope of our business beyond manufacturing to handle packaging materials (sales), insulation materials (processing and sale), recycled plastic materials (recycling of used Styrofoam), and plastic exterior materials (installation and sale). These efforts were intended to achieve growth for our company and employees.

Regarding the recycling of Styrofoam, we have focused on domestic material recycling, aiming to produce high-quality recycled materials. We are also trying to adapt to an era in which environmental considerations are essential. We have actively promoted energy conservation in our factories and received the Yamagata Prefecture Environmental Conservation Promotion Award twice.

Currently, we are striving to improve customer satisfaction in each of our business areas. In addition, we have developed a unique business model that combines the manufacturing, sales, and industrial waste disposal businesses we have cultivated over the years to solve problems for local customers and operate in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Company Profile
[Main Business]
Styrofoam products, recycled plastic materials (PS, PSP: industrial waste disposal business), heat insulation building materials (allocation, processing, recycling of scrap materials)
[Overview of Technology, Products, and Services]
The Styrofoam molded products are used as cushioning materials for precision equipment, cold storage containers for food and medicine, and heat-insulating materials for construction. Recycled plastic materials are utilized in a variety of resin products.
[Business Description]
・Manufacture, processing, and sale of Styrofoam molded products
・Manufacture of recycled plastic materials (PS, PSP) (licensed for disposal, collection, and transportation of industrial waste)
・Sales of packaging materials
・Processing and sales of insulation materials for construction
[Awards and Media Coverage]
(1) Yamagata Prefecture Environmental Conservation Promotion Award
2008: Acted as a recycling base for Styrofoam in the Tohoku region
2018: Delivered results in energy conservation activities such as reducing energy consumption at the plant and utilizing rainwater

(2) Mentioned in the "Plastics" newsletter published by the Japan Plastics Industry Federation
February 2018: Developed conductive Styrofoam with carbon nanotubes added
August 2018: Worked on an energy conservation initiative at the Styrofoam manufacturing plant and delivered results

(3) Media coverage of new services, etc. (

(4) Commendation as an excellent dangerous material handling business operator by the Nishimurayama District Hazardous Materials Safety Association
[Certificates, Approval, etc.]
•ISO 9001
•Eco Action 21
[Development, manufacture, processing, and sales of Styrofoam molded products]
[Application for and Acquisition of Intellectual Property (patents, utility models, etc.)]
Two-Color Molding Body Containing Multi-Layered Carbon Nanotube-Added Foam and Its Production Method (Unexamined patent application No. 2015-033845)

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