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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:44

Aun Co.,Ltd.

Development and sales of a cloud-based fattening management system to improve the efficiency when producing brand Wagyu cattle

Using a cloud system and IoT technology, we provide a system for efficient and safe individual management of fattening cattle by batch monitoring from aisles outside the cattle pens.

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Sales Pitch

[Breeding management system for efficient management, higher profitability, and better workability]
[Allows efficient management of the condition of fattening cattle]
The development and introduction of a fattening cattle management system will allow an efficient condition management of fattening cattle. 
This also promises to reduce mortality in the juvenile stage.
[Improved profitability of fattening]
Reduced mortality in the juvenile stage leads to a direct improvement in profitability. 
For example, as a trial calculation, if the deaths of eight fattening cows are avoided, this means eight calves at 800,000 yen each, or an increase in sales of 6.4 million yen.
[Reduced workload on employees]
By allocating the manpower that used to be required for the management of individual animals, to other tasks, you can reduce your employees’ workload while still ensuring fine-tuned management of individual animals, and also reduce medical costs and increase feed efficiency