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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:43:53


When you have issues with machining, we can offer comprehensive and integrated support

We work to harmonize our trustworthy skills and the latest technology based on our integrated production and experience in machining, combined working, welding, and can manufacturing. We have a system for high-mix low-volume production. We assure confidentiality because we process every step in-house, and no drawings leave the company. We can also handle short lead times.

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Long and large workpiece machining
Long workpiece machining: maximum work size 4000×300mm
We make efficient use of our long table to flexibly process long workpieces, multiple production from a single material, and so on. We have many vises, so we can process multiple products in batches even for mass production. We have also improved our equipment so we can process workpieces that are longer than normal sizes.
We have a turning center that can handle up to diameter 600!
We use a turning center (vertical lathe) to machine difficult-to-hold large-diameter workpieces, large cylindrical parts, and so on. We can also realize high-precision machining of irregularly shaped workpieces that are difficult to balance. We have the know-how and skilled techniques to process even large workpieces from a single article.
2000×1150mm large plate machining
We can also process large plates with a maximum workpiece size of 2000×1150mm from a single article. We can also satisfy requirements for high flatness and parallelism for thin products like thin plates and frames.
We can handle irregular shapes and difficult shapes with our company's 3D modeling machining!
Simultaneous 5-axis machining (composite machining)
We perform indexing 4-axis machining with machining centers and simultaneous 5-axis machining (composite machining) making the most of MAZAK INTEGREX. 
We can shorten lead times by machining all parts with a single chucking, handle shape changes, and so on.
Development and prototyping from a single product is OK!
We also use 3D modeling for intermediate-lot products such as the development and prototyping of one to several hundred units. Our skilled expert engineers select optimal machining conditions including feed speed and tool selection for products with a geometric tolerance of ±0.01mm or smaller, thin products, and irregularly shaped products. We can machine products with complicated shapes in one chucking to contribute to shorter lead times for our customers. We also make proposals for reducing lead times and costs including the selection of each machining condition, modification of the materials and processing methods, and so on.
We can provide integrated support
Reducing lead times
Our company's integrated production can deliver finished products with just one phone call 

We make use of a wide variety of equipment and know-how accumulated over many years to shorten lead times, stabilize quality, and reduce costs for our customers through our integrated production.
Stabilizing quality
Cost reduction through integrated production
VE/VA proposals