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Manufacture and Sale of Environmentally Friendly Detergents

Our company develops products with high cleaning power among environmentally friendly detergents. They use natural ingredients as the main raw material to minimize the environmental impact of wastewater. Our Sanitizing & Deodorizing Hygiene Water “α” is an ideal solution with strong sanitizing/deodorizing performance but turns to water after sterilization/deodorization leaving nothing behind when it dries.

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Ecosophy Colloidal Detergent
It is a purely vegetable-based multi-purpose cleaning solution. This detergent wraps dirt molecules in nano-micron units and removes even stubborn oil stains without allowing reattachment. The multi-purpose cleaning solution is made primarily from natural ingredients, making it safe and reliable for use in any situation while helping to reduce the burden on the environment.
Sanitizing & Deodorizing Hygiene Water “α” 
Sanitizing & Deodorizing Hygiene Water “α” contains only purified drinking water and food additives approved by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. With no surfactants or fragrances added, this product is safe for the human body, so it is gentle on the hands, does not stick, does not add smell, and is produced using only ingredients that are gentle on clothes and the environment. This is an ideal solution with strong sanitizing/deodorizing performance but turns to water after sterilization/deodorization, leaving nothing behind when it dries. When sprayed into any space, sanitizing and deodorizing drops reduce harmful bacteria, viruses (e.g., influenza), pollen, and mite allergens by 99%. It also reliably inactivates norovirus and other bacteria that cannot be dealt with by alcohol.
EC Rust Remover Cleaner
Rust can be easily removed by simply applying it
Neutral and gentle to hands, without damaging the base and building materials
Uses a soft scent
Compliant with PRTR Law as well as the environmental hormone, VOC, and formaldehyde regulations, and is phosphorus-free

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