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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:03


A manufacturer of power transformers, coils, and AC adapters.

Power transformers, often custom-made, are parts for which you usually need frequent consultations before finalizing the specifications. You would want to confirm details such as how you can make requests to the manufacturer, whether it complies with the safety standards and the noise regulations, or if it can have a lower temperature.  In our company, the designer listens to your requests in detail and has discussions in person until you are satisfied before manufacturing.

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We make proposals according to your application.
AC Adapters and SW Power Supplies for Business Use Communication Equipment
There is a wide range of communication equipment, and our equipment is mainly used in places where reliability is required—installed in a poor environment such as commercial facilities, schools, offices, or manufacturing sites (for IoT devices)—for an extended period for business purposes. Therefore, we listen to your requirements for service life, temperature range, lightning surge, and various noises and provide you with the right product for your application.

Also, if you want to import and sell overseas telecommunication equipment but have concerns about the AC adapter, please feel free to consult us.
Transformer for Voltage and Current Detection
Electrical appliances are harmful to the human body if not designed and used safely. Therefore, products are required to monitor voltage and current and control equipment in case of abnormalities to ensure safety. It is where the voltage and current detecting transformers come into play. In recent years, they have also been used to save electricity and check whether energy is used effectively. We propose the most suitable transformer for various applications.
Large Power Transformer
We accept orders for large transformers of several kVA or more from a single unit. In cases where you want to install an industrial robot imported from overseas, but the voltage does not match, or the robot is not adequately insulated, we can manufacture either type, whether single-phase or three-phase, according to your needs. Also, if you want to export Japanese equipment overseas, we can manufacture it according to the voltage specifications of the destination country. Metal cases and breakers are also available.