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KASUGA Corporation.

We provide deerskin products of the highest quality and with a variety of types

Inheriting the technology and procedure cultivated in this region since long ago, we constantly acquire the latest cutting-edge technology that comes with the times, make best use of the techniques cultivated by our specialists over time, and perform all the processing steps ranging from the collection of deerskin to its treatment. We use only the highest quality deerskin for our chamois leather in pursuit of the highest quality, providing genuine chamois leather and keeping its value.

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Kyonsame chamois leather
Leather and Leather Goods Industries Association defines "chamois leather" as what satisfies the following three conditions: "dear skin is used, cod liver oil reduction is used after alkaline distention tanning, and no dyeing is used." Technically, you cannot name something "chamois leather" if these conditions are not satisfied. In reality, however, an extremely large number of products that do not satisfy these conditions are being sold under the name of "chamois leather." Our products satisfy the three conditions above, and we use only the best quality "deerskin" among different types of deerskin in pursuit of maximum quality and keep on providing true and genuine deerskin earnestly.
i-deer Mask
The i-deer mask is a new type of mask that uses newly developed deerskin dedicated to filtering, pursuing filtering performance and inhibiting any negative influence over the human body. The fiber cells of the deerskin filter, the sizes of which are one hundredth of a virus or smaller, overlap in several hundred layers, making it impossible for viruses to pass through.

Viruses are scattered basically through droplets. In addition, viruses can live in the moisture of droplets. They are deactivated within several seconds when the moisture of droplets has gone and are killed with the strong alkali present in the deerskin.

This is the only mask that has demonstrated its ultra-high performance through the shield rate test with floating substances and the blocking rate test by using live viruses (influenza H1N1, the smallest virusphage). (Kitasato University Test Center)
i-deer order insole
-The oldest shoe material "Jomon tanned deerskin, Ancient Tanning"
We restored the skin tanning procedure of several thousand years ago to produce the genuine material.

[Ability of i-deer insole]
-Shock absorbing ability -> Exhibiting the highest anti-shock performance in the natural world and has been used for armors and to protect lives. Physical fatigue is greatly reduced.
-Supporting the "foot," the second heart -> Blood flow is increased to normalize the autonomous nervous system.
-Sterilization, antifungal, and deodorant ability -> Trichophyton fungi (athlete's foot) are also sterilized. Strong deodorizing ability (test data)
-Improving the sensitivity of toes, essential for athletes

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“MONODZUKURI” New Selection in KANSAI 2021:New Style i-deer Mask

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