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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:00

NEION Film Coatings Corp.

A Comprehensive Manufacturer that Develops, Manufactures, and Sells Adhesive Film and Coating Film

We select a base film, adhesive, release paper, and release film according to the purpose of use, environment, adherend, and respond to various requests with our unique coating technology. We keep introducing more than 800 new products to the market every year.

Our greatest strength is high-mix small-lot production and customization.  We can develop products that fit the times. And depending on the material, we accept orders for production starting at 400 meters.

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We will keep trying new things.
Sticker and Label Materials
Stickers and labels are strongly required to have the best design to attract people's attention. From highly transparent films to silver, gold, white, black, colors, hologram, etc., Neion Film Coatings' sticker and label materials come in a wide variety.
Electronic Industrial Materials and Double-Sided Tapes
Our company was one of the first in the industry to introduce high-precision coating technology and an integrated production system in a cleanroom. We have a great deal of experience in functional materials and industrial tapes, including screen protection films for smartphones, double-sided tapes for LCD modules, and substrate-less tapes for optical applications.
Signs and Displays
You see posters on street corners, display advertisements in convenience stores, and signs in public institutions. For such inkjet printing, Neion Film Coatings continues to realize a stable supply of high-quality products by making full use of its expertise and technology in areas such as color reproduction, weather resistance, adhesiveness, and laminating workability.
Functional Films and Consumer Products
HalshikkuiⓇ Series and Halukokuban
We have also developed multifunctional adhesive films, such as the Halshikkui plaster-coated adhesive sheet with deodorant, antibacterial, and antiviral functions, as well as the Halukokuban blackboard adhesive sheet.
Directly Operated EC Site, HALiDEA
Products featuring functional films are now available on our directly managed EC site, HALiDEA. In particular, "Shikkui In Tape,"  which uses HalshikkuiⓇ to prevent contact infection, has been well received.
OEM of Consumer Products
We also offer OEM services for consumer products. Please feel free to contact us.
MatrixⓇ is a special adhesive treatment that makes it easy to apply. The adhesive surface has numerous small convex areas, and the structure allows air and gas to escape through the ultra-fine grooves that run horizontally and vertically.

Matrix prevents problems such as air bites during application and reduced work efficiency caused by misapplication. It also prevents the label's gas swelling caused by gas generated by aging or heating after the molding of synthetic resin. For adhesives, we use adhesives with excellent adhesive properties to suit various adherends, and the adhesivity is equivalent to or higher than that of conventional products.

Matrix can be applied not only to our products but also to films supplied by our customers. If you are interested in this service, please contact us.

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“MONODZUKURI” New Selection in KANSAI 2021:HALSHIKKUI® series