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Latest update: 30/07/2021 18:04:26


Manufacturing and sales of industrial rubber and resin products; civil engineering and welfare businesses

We have three types of businesses: rubber, civil engineering, and welfare-related businesses. We manufacture and sell industrial rubber parts in our rubber business. Our civil engineering business involves manufacturing and sales of castle-board products under our own brand. In our welfare-related business we manufacture, sell, and install our HODOHKUN Guideway pedestrian-guiding soft mat for the visually impaired.

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We make full use of our factory, technological, and service provision capabilities for Monozukuri craftsmanship that is indispensable for society
Industrial products business (rubber-related)
Manufacturing and sales of industrial rubber and resin products (home appliances, office equipment, mobile phones, bicycles, food sanitation equipment, medical care equipment, automobiles, heavy industry, gas equipment, etc.)  
[Examples] Copier/printer parts, rice cooker parts, bicycle brakes, swimming caps  

We make use of our technology in material development, metal mold design, composite forming, and more with our extensive lineup of inspection equipment to emphasize our quality assurance.
Civil engineering business
Soft soil improvement work, production and sales of construction materials (castle boards), and liquefaction countermeasure construction
We satisfy various needs through our range of construction methods and unique production development.
Welfare business
Space formation design, guide path design and construction 
Development and sales of products including the Hodo-kun soft mat to guide the visually impaired
nocilis: An educational toy made in-house 
nocilis is a made-in-Japan educational toy made of soft silicone material. 
It is soft, elastic, and strong enough not to tear even if it is pulled, so children can play with it freely. In addition, it is resilient, so it can change its shape significantly when it is turned inside out. Moreover, children can pinch it, hold it, and grasp it to change the shape of its blocks, and they can even stack them. This kind of play lets children exercise their free ideas, naturally develops their ability to think, and nurtures their sensitivity.

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