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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:52

Advan co., ltd.

Precision Sheet Metal Working and Prototyping, Point Solder and Multi-Point Fluxer Maintenance

We are a manufacturer and distributor of precision sheet metal, point solders, and multi-point fluxers. Our specialty in precision sheet metal is prototyping, research materials, small-lot production items, and products involving precision welding and airtight welding.

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Advan is a group of engineers engaged in precision sheet metal working, focusing on prototype and small-lot production items.
Advan specializes in prototypes, research materials, small-lot production items, and products involving elements of precision welding and airtight welding in the field of precision sheet metalworking. Although small in size, we constantly pursue new processing methods and refine our skills every day as a handmade sheet metal shop. We are a group of engineers with shining craftsmanship.

In particular, we handle products that require technical expertise. For example, (1) products where a machined resin or metal product is combined with a precision sheet metal product; (2) cost reduction through precision welding of machined products; and (3) airtight welding of SUS having a plate thickness of 0.3 to 0.5 all around on a base of SUS with a plate thickness 3.0 to 4.0. We also handle aluminum and steel products with our long years of experience.

Naturally, manufacturing from 3D or 2D CAD data is also supported. In addition, we use our network to handle the pipe bending, spinning, plating, anodizing, coating, buffing, and pure water cleaning that accompany precision sheet metal working.
Point Solders and Multipoint Fluxers
It is an automatic batch soldering machine for high-density mounting boards—it solders with high efficiency and high quality.

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