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A manufacturer of water level gauges and gate opening indicator, with a domestic market share of more than 60%.

A water level gauge manufacturer with over 50 years of know-how and technology. We have equipped ourselves with the finest evaluation equipment and clean rooms in the industry, with a focus on quality. We shall contribute to the growth of countries and regions by making products needed for disaster prevention and urban development.

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Water Level Gauges
Quartz type Water Level Gauge (Model: QS Series)
A quartz type water level gauge is a pressure type water level gauge that has a quartz oscillator, a device used to set the standard frequency in watches and communication devices. Water pressure changes according to the water level, and is applied to the quartz oscillator, which in turn changes the oscillation frequency, enabling the gauge to measure the water level with high accuracy. Unlike conventional hydraulic water level gauges, there are no conversion errors caused by aging of diaphragms. The measurement range is as wide as 10 m to 70 m with a single sensor, so it can be used not only for rivers, but also dams, reservoirs, and tide levels, making it highly economical. The method of construction is easy, and maintenance is simple.

 High accuracy using quartz oscillators (highest accuracy in the world, F.S 0.01%)
 High durability
 Easy to install on embankments and structures
 Maintenance is simple
Drop-type water level observation buoy (Model: BCPS-40)
Drop-type water level observation buoys can be transported by drone and dropped from the air, even when access roads to the observation point are blocked due to an earthquake or other such circumstances. The equipment consists of a communication unit with a built in satellite communication and 3G transmission unit, and a water level sensor unit. Once dropped, the communication unit floats using the buoyancy of the buoy, and the water level sensor unit sinks until it reaches the riverbed and is installed in place. Water level measurement and data transmission start immediately after installation, and measured data is distributed to disaster prevention offices via communication satellites and 3G mobile phones. It is not necessary to adjust equipment when it is dropped, and the built-in battery can operate for up to 3 months if the observation interval is set to 60 minutes.

 Even when access roads to blocked parts of a river are cut off due to an earthquake or the like, it is still possible to observe the water level quickly, because the device is transported by drone and dropped from the air.
 There is no need for workers on the ground, so secondary disasters can be prevented.
 The device can be installed in the center of the flooded part of a blocked river, so there is little risk of damaging equipment or causing runoff due to sediment inflow from the shore.
Versatile Sound Source Probe (Model: Mil-sonic-AI)
By listening to the sound of water below ground, it is possible to easily detect flows of water that could not be discovered until now. Sound sources detected by the pickup sensor are transmitted wirelessly to a tablet device, and the signal is processed to it can be displayed as a sound and on an LCD screen, and the user can judge the strength of the sound both audibly and visually. The representative value of the strength of the sound source at the observation point can then be calculated, displayed, and saved in the internal memory. The device can also display frequency characteristics with real time FFT processing, and display measurement points on a map.

[Disaster prevention measures for slopes]
 Predicting slope collapse at danger points
 Improved hazard map accuracy
 Design and construction of pore water pressure gauges and soil moisture gauges
 Design and construction of catchment wells and horizontal boring

[Disaster prevention measures for roads]
 Predicting collapse danger points on road slopes
 Predicting collapse danger points on forest roads
 Design and construction of retaining wall drainage points
 Design of routes for forest roads, etc.

 Location probe for groundwater and wells



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