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We manufacture made-in-Japan legwear with meticulous care.

Our company plans and sells legwear. Since socks, stockings, and other kinds of legwear are very delicate products, we manufacture them in Japan under strict control including machine maintenance, yarn, and products.

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Business contents and advantages
We sell our preferred made-in-Japan legwear (such as socks, tights, stockings, and leg warmers), arm covers, and other knit products.

Our products are made mainly in Nara Prefecture, where the sock industry is thriving, and we work together with affiliated factories with which we have had long relationships to make our products with the utmost care. Socks and stockings are all very delicate products, so we enforce strict control on our machine maintenance, yarns, products, and so on, as well as keeping our personal belongings in order.

Meticulous attention to detail, conscientiousness of work, and stubborn persistence seem to be typical characteristics of Japanese people. People can't help but sigh in admiration when they see the many hands that go into making a single product. We will continue to devote ourselves to conveying the spirit of artisans who want to make good products and our company's desire to deliver good products to our customers.
Overview of products and services
In the apparel industry, where 2% of products are made in Japan, we achieve a rate of 96% of products made in Japan.

We offer high-quality products made by artisans at affordable selling prices.

In addition, we use ROICA (functional yarn) from Asahi Kasei Corporation in the stockings and tights field, which provides high functionality as well as quality.
About OEM (custom-made) production
When you sell stockings, socks, and other products on an OEM basis, you can simultaneously obtain the quality of made-in-Japan products.

Recommended for the following people:
People running an online store who want to sell products as their own.
People who want to handle Japanese products as products for inbound tourism.
People who want to sell made-in-Japan products in overseas markets such as China and Southeast Asia.
People who have experience selling products in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the United States.
People who want to eliminate the cost, time, and effort of creating original products.

Plan 1: Planning, designing, and producing original designs from scratch
This is OEM (order-made) production in which we plan a design from scratch and provide an original product. We have experience in producing various original products, such as apparel and products with a tie-in to a live performance, so we can satisfy diverse customer needs.

Plan 2: Sell our products with only the packaging changed
This service allows you to change the packaging of our products and handle them as your own products. We will support you with package production and the like. We can also let you use photos of models wearing our products for the packaging. You can offer products in less time than it takes to plan them from scratch.

Plan 3: Purchase our products and sell them as-is
You will be purchasing products we carry, so we can provide the products in the shortest time possible.

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