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YEM Co., Ltd.

Yem's Switchboard Business Responds to the Dynamic Technologies of the Future

Founded in 1958, our company is a manufacturer of switchboards and other products with a management policy of never-ending challenge to go one step further. Now and in the future, electricity supports dynamic, soon to be realized future technologies, whether it is a supercomputer helping business in the information age, a linear motor car connecting cities at high speed, or a home automation system performing household chores at the touch of a button. We are responsible for the stable supply of electricity, the blood of social infrastructure, to homes, offices, factories, and hospitals. And that is Yem's switchboard business.

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Company Profile
[Business Description]
Manufacture and Sales of Switchboards and Power Control Equipment
「Main Businesses]
・Design, manufacture, and sales of high- and low-voltage switchboards (cubicle type)
・Design, manufacture, and sales of power distribution boards
・Design, manufacture, and sales of control panels
 [Production Items]
・Power receiving and transforming equipment: Closed switchboards, open switchboards, outdoor cubicles, indoor cubicles, certified cubicles and recommended cubicles
・Automatic control panels: Control panels, monitoring panels, alarm panels, and operating panels
・Power distribution boards and terminal boards: Electric lights, power distribution boards, heat-resistant distribution boards (Class 1), heat-resistant distribution boards (Class 2), and switchgear boards
・Various terminal boards and others
[Areas of Specialty]
We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of switchboards, from design to sales, including the sheet metal working of switchboard housing, coating, switchboard assembly, inspection, and shipping.
[Development of Sales Channels]
The spirit of manufacturing has been passed down from generation to generation since our founding. There is no end to the challenge to achieve the next potential while motivating ourselves based on the mutual trust of each employee. We have established a meticulous sales, production, and service system in the eastern part of Japan, including the Tokyo metropolitan area, Hokkaido, and the Tohoku region, to meet the needs and trust of our customers.
・2008: 45th Yamagata Prefecture Industrial Award (Yamagata Prefecture)
・2009: 28th Kirayaka Industrial Award
・2019: 77th Miura Memorial Award (Yamagata Prefecture)

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