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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:43:56

Kankyosizai Co.,Ltd.

We propose solutions that can help our customers create a comfortable living environment.

We develop products that offer superior heat-shielding, heat-insulating, and water-retaining properties.
We are committed to ensuring environmentally friendly product manufacturing by using recycled materials and taking measures to mitigate the urban heat island phenomenon.

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Materials manufacturer committed to environmentally friendly product manufacturing
"COOLING PAVE II", paving blocks that excel in water permeability, water retentivity, and heat-shielding properties.
"COOLING PAVE II" is a paving block that can significantly suppress road surface temperature. This product is characterized by special ceramics incorporated into the blocks, which give them a porous structure. The microscopic pores inside the blocks give this product water retaining properties and strong infrared reflectance that are unseen in our competitors' products.
"COOLING PAINT" with heat-shielding and heat-insulating properties
"COOLING PAINT" is heat-shielding paint created by mixing two types of ceramics into aqueous acrylic resin and other materials. Ceramics diffusely reflect near-infrared rays that are easily converted to heat, providing high reflectance surfaces and thereby suppressing temperature rise. Furthermore, microscopic voids inside the ceramics contribute to low thermal conductivity, which allows this product to effectively insulate heat generated from air conditioners.
"Phosphorescent Line", a high-intensity phosphorescent product
This is a high-intensity phosphorescent product that absorbs the light energy from the sun or other sources and radiates it in dark places for a prolonged time. It does not require any power source, and its persistent luminance is classified into the JD class (highest class) defined by the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).
High-intensity phosphorescent products created by combining resin with phosphorescent pigments are used outdoors to guide people to areas of safety.
This product radiates the highest intensity of phosphorescence (116 med/㎡ in 60 minutes) from its surface, providing safe guidance to places of safety during nighttime.



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