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Latest update: 14/10/2021 15:51:33

Noster Inc.

Connecting life & gut microbiome.

NOSTER is developing innovative drug discovery approaches based on gut microbes with the vision of “connecting life and gut microbiome” and contributing to advancements in health and science for people around the world.

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Postbiotics are metabolites produced by gut microbes that are useful for human health. NOSTER is developing a diverse range of technology to synthesize new fatty acids that utilize gut microbes. Among these, NOSTER has established a method to mass produce HYA (10-hydroxy-cis-12-octadecenoic acid), which has been confirmed to have physiological functions such as suppression of blood glucose elevation, improvement in insulin resistance, and anti-obesity effects. Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has recognized the tremendous potential of this cutting-edge technology and selected NOSTER as being one of Japan's leading companies utilizing biotechnology in the "BIO ECONOMY 2030" report announced recently. 
In January 2021 NOSTER launched the D2C brand "CUMEC (Cutting-edge Microbiome Care)" for the benefit of all people who want to be healthy—the result of the accumulation of 10 years of expertise on gut microbes and postbiotics. “CUMEC” is the the world's first supplement "HYA®-50" containing the postbiotics component "HYA®". NOSTER is currently, conducting targeted clinical trials on HYA® insulin-resistant diseases and accelerating drug discovery development.
Metagenome / Metabolome analysis
NOSTER has high-precision gut microbe analysis and metabolome analysis technology, and with their standardized analysis technology, it is possible to comprehensively analyze the relationship between a wide range of diseases and gut microbes and microbial metabolites. Gut microbes and metabolites that have been identified as being related to a disease can be compared with each library and evaluated as potential candidates for new drug discovery substances. This NOSTER original drug discovery search system is a factor that attracts researchers from all over the world to pursue research on themes related to the gut microbiome.

【Metagenome analysis】
NOSTER employs hybrid analysis of the gut microbiome that combines our unique in-house culture technology with gut microbe metagenomics analysis utilizing next-generation sequencing. 
By combining the molecular biological approach to analyze the occupancy rate of each gut microbe with next-generation sequencing and our unique technology to culture anaerobic bacteria (Akkermansia, Bacteroides, Bifidobacterium, Blautia, Clostridium etc.) it is now possible to quantitively analyze the cell count per weight of feces. Notably, this hybrid, qualitative and quantitative analysis enables a much more detailed understanding of the microbiome that could not be achieved by existing metagenomic analysis alone.

【Metabolome analysis】
NOSTER has been constructing their unique lipid metabolite library such as HYA by utilizing the lipid metabolism of gut microbes by using its own gut microbe culture and synthesis technology. Based on its gut microbe lipid metabolite library, NOSTER has established an original lipidome analysis technology that comprehensively analyzes gut microbe lipid metabolites.
NOSTER is building an original drug discovery library by utilizing its unique technology for culturing difficult-to-culture gut microbes and their technology for synthesizing metabolites using microorganisms. These are not only used for drug discovery targeting gut microbiome, but also for open innovation with researchers and companies in Japan and overseas.

【Microbial library】
The number of gut microbes in the human intestine is more than 100 trillion compared to 37 trillion of human body cells, and there more than 1,000 of their species. Notably, it is said that more than 70% of them are unculturable or VBNC . NOSTER has succeeded in separating and culturing these enormous numbers of gut microbes from feces using our unique culture technology. We also isolated useful microorganisms such as lactic acid microbes from fermented foods and plants. Using these technologies, NOSTER has constructed more than 2,000 microbial libraries from the human digestive tract and the natural world.

【Lipid metabolite library】
Recent studies shows that lipids are not only used as energy sources and biomembrane components, but also have a significant effect on host biological functions as signal molecules. Furthermore, it is known that the lipids ingested from the diet are not only converted into various fatty acid metabolites by metabolism of the host, but also undergo a variety of modifications by metabolism of the gut microbes.
We are currently constructing an original lipid metabolite library by utilizing the lipid metabolism pathways of gut microbes with the aim of establishing a new therapeutic discipline.



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