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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:07

Bio-X, Inc.

Ultrasmall Hydrogen Ion Concentration Measurement Technology Using a Highly Sensitive Semiconductor Biosensor

We are a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of signal accumulation type biosensors, measurement devices, and related reagents. Since no luminescence or coloration process is required to measure enzyme reactions, quantitative analysis can be performed easily. You can apply it to a wide range of applications, including clinical testing, pathological testing, drug discovery research, and food research.

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Bioactive Reaction Measurement Device and Enzyme Reaction Monitor
The highly sensitive accumulative method ISFET biosensor (accumulative method ion (AMIS) sensor) and the bioactivity measurement device are simple instruments for measuring enzyme reactions. Since it electrically measures changes in the concentration of ultra-small hydrogen ions, it does not require a luminescence or coloration process, making it easy to perform quantitative analysis.

Features of AMIS Sensors
Changes in the ionic state caused by enzymatic reactions are directly converted into electrical signals. No cumbersome and complicated luminescence and coloration processes are required. 

Enzyme reactions are directly measured and monitored in real-time.

・Micro sample
It is a semiconductor-based high-sensitivity sensor that can measure minimal sample volumes of several microliters.

・Digital sensor
The measurement signals are immediately digitized and stored for data processing in Excel.

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