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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:41

NUProtein Co., Ltd.

The technology for "synthesizing cell-free proteins" that are of high quality and at low cost

We developed a translation liquid made of wheat germ extract with our unique production method and succeeded in the development of the technology of synthesizing cell-free proteins from wheat germs, which could be provided at a lower cost than conventional ones in terms of the cost per reaction liquid. You do not need cloning and can synthesize membrane proteins, secretory proteins, transcription factors, phosphoric acid enzymes, proteins with cytotoxicity, etc. in an easy (hassle-free) way.

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Cell-free protein synthesis reagent kit
-Simple enough not to require cloning 
It is possible to synthesize protein from one piece of cDNA in one day. As truncation is freely done with PCR, you can immediately synthesize protein only with a divided active domain. Moreover, the PCR catalyst included in the all-in-one kit (BCF4050) has an accuracy which is about 80 times higher than tag polymerase and is capable of the two-step PCR cycle by realizing a long duration of 30 sec/kb. This makes it unnecessary to examine complex cycle conditions as the PCR time is about one fifth of that in conventional three-step PCR cycles, while it becomes possible to amplify genes highly accurately and efficiently.

-It is easy to add a tag to the C terminus as well as the N terminus.
Our new discovery has made it possible to add a tag on the C terminus side by using PCR, which used to be difficult in cell-free protein synthesis systems. This has enabled the research on the mutual interactions of protein, screening, etc. to be performed more accurately in a shorter period of time.

-Emergence of solubilization of hard-to-synthesize proteins and membrane proteins
It is possible to synthesize proteins with cytotoxicity, secretory proteins, phosphoric acid enzymes, transcription factors, or transporters as membrane proteins, ion channels, receptors, etc. Moreover, we have made available for the first time in the world an all-in-one kit that includes all of the PCR enzyme, transcription reagent, and interpretation reagent necessary for casting die reproduction to synthesis. The two-step PCR cycle has enabled the synthesis of protein easily, accurately, and highly efficiently.
Synthesizing cell proliferation factors and growth factors on a contract basis and providing wheat germ extract
We synthesize cell proliferation factors, membrane proteins, etc. on a contract basis. In particular, we can use non-GMO for the synthesis of cell proliferation factors of domestic animals, fish, and birds in addition to human bFGF, IGF, INHBA, etc. as cell proliferation factors necessary for the culture of stem cells. You can use them for a wide range of fields such as research on cultured meat, artificial meat, etc. in addition to research on regenerative medicine or cell medicine.

After the translation by using wheat germ extract, you do not need to refine it and it can be added to the culture medium as it is; therefore, it is possible to remarkably reduce the culture cost by providing wheat germ extract and synthesizing the growth factors at your company.
History of patents and prizes
Japanese Patent No. 6738111 "Translation accelerating agent, template nucleic acid, production method of translation template, and production method of protein"
Japanese Patent No. 6843457 "The device to generate the separated expression of a gene sequence,  the device to generate a gene corpus, and its program"
Decision No. 2019-600025 The JPO trial decision in which it was determined that the product of NU Protein does not belong to (does not infringe on) the scope of the technology in Japanese Patent No. 3753358 of CellFree Sciences Co., Ltd.

History of awards:
32nd Small and Medium-Sized Companies Excellent New Technology and New Product Award (Co-sponsored by The Resona Foundation For Small And Medium Enterprise Promotion and NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN, LTD.)
Mitsubishi Research Institute Award, Future Design Award (Mitsubishi Research Institute)
Shenzhen Advanced Technology Contest Special Award (Samurai Incubate, Shenzhen City Government, Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen)
Unicorn Battle ASIA runner-up (

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