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Non-destructive testing protects the safety of society
We will help realize a prosperous and safe society through non-destructive inspection technology.

Focusing on eddy current examination technology, a non-destructive inspection method, and integrating electromagnetic induction and the latest digital signal processing technology, our company provides quality inspection equipment and services that best suit our customers' production environment and quality standards.

With the growth of the global economy, non-destructive testing equipment became essential in a variety of fields, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, construction, gas, and water. We contribute to the safety of society through the development of non-destructive testing equipment.

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A solutions company that can meet the diversifying needs of customers
Hybrid High-precision External Surface Inspection System Using Inverse Signal Analysis Method
Our company develops high-precision external defect inspection systems by combining our eddy current examination technology and noise attenuating technology with shape reproduction technology based on reverse signal analysis technology owned by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

(1) Detects contaminants and scratches on the surface of the inspection object by generating a magnetic field
Our defect detection technique using eddy current examination is a technology that detects contaminants, conditions (e.g., surface scratches), and materials of the inspection object through a magnetic field generated by passing a high-frequency current through a coil. Since eddy current examination does not directly come into contact with the object, it enables quality control with no destruction or breakage. However, although the signal indicated the "volume" of scratches on the object's surface, it could not detect their "areas" and "depth" with high accuracy. That was a problem.

(2) Improved inspection accuracy with reverse signal analysis technology that reproduces the shape 
AIST provided us with reverse signal analysis technology that reproduces the scratches' shapes from the signal and allows us to determine their "areas" and "depth." By combining this technology with our own, we were able to improve the inspection accuracy of external defects.
Product Information
Digital Eddy Current Flaw Detector
It is a high-spec digital flaw detector that uses Windows as its OS, and is easily installable in a network with a simple touch panel operation. Also, its flaw detection accuracy and work efficiency have been dramatically improved with enhanced setting/maintenance procedures and test result display methods. Multi-channel models are also available.

Analog Eddy Current Flaw Detector
It is a low-cost eddy current flaw detector with limited functions for specific applications. The functions and size can be customized to meet the customer's needs, such as for incorporation into production equipment.

Various Detection Coils and Probes
We produce a variety of detection coils and probes to suit the inspection object at a low cost and with a short delivery time. Repair services are also available.

Magnetic Saturation Devices and Demagnetizers
We offer magnetic saturation devices and demagnetizers of different sizes to suit the outer diameter of the inspection object.

Digital Recording Systems
You can replace the paper-based recording system easily. The system realizes simple and easy operations with fewer buttons. It comes with dedicated search software, making it easy to search and view inspection data. Multi-channel type is also available.

Automated Inspection Equipment
We develop and manufacture various inspection equipment to solve customers' problems, with or without eddy current. Please consult with us about any issues you have, such as accuracy, tact, and cost.

Image Inspection
Our company has introduced image inspection to process monitoring and similar processes in addition to surface flaws and shape detection in past projects. We will propose the most suitable customized specifications for your company.

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