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Comprehensive reagent manufacturer

We are a manufacturer of chemicals for testing and research, and of chemicals for the electronic industry. Besides general reagents, we have been working on the development of reagents for medical treatment and examination in the fields of genetics and regenerative medicine. In addition, we are highly evaluated by companies all over the world for our high purity and functional chemicals essential for the process of semiconductor manufacturing.

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We support the birth of new products in various industry fields as well as research institutes through our chemicals and reagents for testing and research. In addition, they are essential also for making production processes efficient and for quality control. Furthermore, even though this may not be well known, they play a role in protecting our daily lives. For example, they are useful for checking new chemical substances born as functional chemical compounds, medicines, or the like. Moreover, in the future, it is understood that the fields of the usage of reagents will be further classified even more so than today and that further high quality and functionality will be desired. Under such current circumstances, we continue to constantly look toward the next era as a top provider of reagents and do not forget our spirit of challenge to contribute to the future with our reagents.
Electronic material
Kanto Chemical has been developing high purity chemicals for semiconductor manufacturing processes and chemical automatic supply devices and continues to provide high level chemicals safely since 1964, leading the world. The latest semiconductor manufacturing processes have major problems caused by ultra-fine particles and an ultra-small amount of metal impurity. We make use of our know-how and ideas accumulated over a long period of time, and the super-high purity chemicals and the chemicals with special functionality we have developed (functional chemicals) are highly evaluated by companies around the world. Kanto Chemical maintains its top quality and continues to go forward as a pioneer in the field of electronic industry chemicals that require excellent functionality and reliable quality.
World's highest level of synthesizing technology for "optically active alcohol," a component of medicines
This technology allows the synthesis of a large amount of highly pure optically active alcohols and amines from ketone and hydrogen gas just by adding a small amount of an optically active catalyst. It is possible to synthesize raw materials for medicines on a contract basis. We also sell the catalysts specific to this technology.

-It is possible to supply the materials of optically active medicines at a lower cost and a more stable manner in comparison with general chemical or biological synthesizing methods.
-We have a rich catalyst library and are able to turn ketones with a variety of structures into asymmetric hydrogen.
-We have succeeded in developing a catalyst that can produce hydrogen under neutral to weak acid conditions and are able to apply this to ketones that are not stable under basic conditions, which was not possible before.
-It is possible to turn ketones with a functional group such as ketoester into asymmetrical hydrogen.
-Large ketones that have steric hindrance in other methods can be turned into asymmetrical hydrogen.
-We can turn imine into asymmetrical hydrogen.
-We can also synthesize a large amount of optically active alcohols on a contract basis.

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