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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:08

TIX TSK Co.,Ltd.

Long-life Rock Bit with Unique Bearing Technology

We are a leading manufacturer of drilling equipment in Japan. Our high-quality products, designed for durability and stability, are used in all aspects of geological drilling, including oil, gas, geothermal, water wells, and hot springs. We have also developed diamond-containing super wear-resistant materials, which contribute to longer product life and cost reduction.

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Unique Bearing Technology Realizes Long-Life Bits
"How can we drill faster and longer with a single bit?" It is one of the most critical propositions for efficient and low-cost geological drilling. To meet this challenge, TIX-TSK, as a leading manufacturer in Japan, actively develops new bits and conducts technical research for complex situations such as difficult drilling formations.

One of the results is the X-type bearing (journal floating bearing). By adopting a bearing alloy with excellent wear resistance, we have achieved a bearing that can withstand significant impact loads and high-speed rotation. Furthermore, we maintain high quality through strict quality control based on API-Q1. As a result, the durability of the bearing, which is the life of the bit, improved dramatically, resulting in a bit with unprecedented durability and long life. It also helps reduce drilling costs significantly.
Providing Comprehensive Support to the Drilling Operations with Various Tools
As the field of resource development expands, the drilling equipment has increasingly become larger. The drilling equipment that forms part of the machine also must have high strength, high quality, and ease of use.

TIX-TSK manufactures and sells drilling tools such as tongs, elevators, slips, weight indicators, drill collars, stabilizers, subs, and fishing tools. These products, developed with our advanced technological capabilities and thorough quality control based on API-Q1, have been highly evaluated as safe and highly functional tools for excavation work sites in underground resource development and civil engineering fields.
Diamond Composites with Super Wear Resistance
We have developed a material with excellent wear resistance in which diamond grains are evenly dispersed. Using our original sintering technology, we can produce this material in any shape and low cost.

Tips with diamond grains evenly dispersed in cemented carbide have the following characteristics:
・Higher wear resistance than cemented carbide (more than 10 times).
・Diamond grains (about 30 to 300 um) can polish the object.
・Can be manufactured at low cost due to the use of our original sintering technology
・Low residual stress compared to polycrystalline diamond chips.
・Because it is made by sintering, it can be manufactured in relatively any shape. Coating of ferrous base materials is also possible. (Thickness can be controlled to reduce processing.)
・CBN can be used instead of diamonds.

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