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Latest update: 31/08/2021 18:21:43

Quantaglion Co.Ltd.

Ultimate Security Using Atomic Decay

Our QNT series (Genuine Random Number Generator) security chips are based on the immutable natural phenomenon of nuclear decay. With this technology, Quantaglion offers the ultimate security solution. The QNT series One-chip ICs can be used for one-time authentication and blockchain generation.

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Sales Pitch

Ultra-Small Authentication and Security Devices for Solving Security Issues in Information and Communications
Overview of Developed Products and Technologies
・This product is a security device that performs secure encrypted communication by generating random numbers based on the probability of quantum mechanics.
・Conventional encrypted communication uses pseudo-random numbers created by software calculations to authenticate and encrypt, making it decryptable and vulnerable.
・In contrast, our technology can generate genuine random numbers that are entirely random and do not overlap with trillion numbers. Applying these random numbers to encrypted communication and identification codes for communication devices will help realize a safer information society.
・This product is an SoC (System on a Chip, a single-chip device with a built-in microcontroller) that provides a new safety infrastructure for automated driving and financial transactions that require an exceptionally high degree of information security.
・Because of its ultra-small size and low power consumption, it can be embedded in media such as mobile devices and IC cards.
Features and Key Points
・Non-deterministic random number generation technique
 (1) Alpha particles emitted by the spontaneous decay of atomic nuclei are detected by semiconductors.
 (2) Each time an atomic nucleus decays, a pulse is obtained, and the pulse interval is measured, and a random number is generated from that number.
・Spontaneous nuclear decay is not affected by external conditions such as temperature, pressure, or electromagnetic waves. It also cannot be artificially controlled or processed. This mechanism makes it possible to incorporate it into all semiconductor products.
Main Achievements and Preferred Business Types or Industries for Matching
[Main Achievements]
 It has been adopted for testing at public research institutions

[Preferred Business Types or Industries for Matching]
 (1) Analog semiconductor manufacturer
 (2) Microprocessor manufacturers

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