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We specialize in the design and construction of equipment for use in hot environments.

We are involved in the design, manufacture, and sale of everything from components to equipment used where thermal management is required, such as heaters, sensors, industrial furnaces, and vacuum equipment. Specializing in temperature management and heating of equipment used in all kinds of fields including kitchen equipment and industrial machinery, we provide consulting services based on our advanced technology and extensive know-how.

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Sales Pitch

Why customers chose Yamato
Thermal management
Our heat professionals suggest products for a variety of applications. 
[Heat division]
Electric heaters
  Cartridge heaters
  Sheath heaters
  Micro heaters
  Plate heaters
  Ceramic board heaters
  Strip heaters
  Radiant heaters
Thermocouples and resistance thermometer bulbs
  Sheath thermocouples
  Protection tube thermocouples
  Resistance thermometer bulbs
Casting products
  ALHYPER ‘X’ (high-power aluminum immersion heaters) 
  ALHYPER ‘L’ (high-power aluminum immersion heaters)
  Mold and die heaters
  SYVOREX (Aluminum dross squeezers) 
  ALOOK (Molten-aluminum bath thermocouples) 
  Aluminum keeping furnaces
  Vertical dipping furnaces
  Electric crucible furnaces
  Heat treatment and drying furnaces
  Electric ladle preheating equipment
  MAG ‘X’ (magnesium hot metal pump)
  MG transfer tubes
  High-speed vacuum drying equipment
Heating equipment
  Dryers, electric furnaces
[Environmental division]
Vacuum-related equipment
  Vacuum drying, electric furnaces
  Pure Box (glovebox)
Control systems
Consulting sales
Our solid marketing capabilities help our customers grow. 
A team of uncompromising professionals will provide you with the best solutions by uncovering your needs and problems through careful, marketing-based consulting. 
To contribute to the growth of our customers, we develop and produce products bringing optimal effectiveness and efficiency to their businesses.
Smart quality
We create human resources who can improve customer satisfaction in terms of quality, cost, delivery speed, and service. 
We have acquired the international standard “ISO9001:2015”. In addition to monitoring and improving our technology, we are constantly striving to improve customer satisfaction.
Sound Pure Box (voice-controlled glovebox)
Pure Box is a product which is commonly referred to as a “glovebox” in the field of research. 
It has gloves attached to an airtight stainless steel container, and the gloves are used to handle or work on samples that cannot be handled in the air (highly oxidizable or moisture-sensitive). 
In recent years, Pure Box has been put to use in a wide range of fields such as electronics, biotechnology, new materials, and organic chemistry, including experiments that cannot be performed in air and anaerobic microorganisms with catalytic functions in the field of next-generation energy development. 

Environmental equipment with voice recognition function

Can now be operated and stopped through voice recognition. 
Voice guidance provides details on operation and errors. 

You can operate the equipment by voice without having to remove your hands from the gloves. 
You are kept informed on the startup status of the equipment even at a distance. 

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New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)