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It has been more than half a century since we started working on sodium silicate. The history of FUJI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. is the history of sodium silicate.

We mainly produce and sell sodium silicate. We are proud of our production technology and of our development of a variety of products (silica gel and other absorbents, adhesives, detergents, soil conditioners, etc.) related to sodium silicate, being one of the best in the country. In the innovative carbon nanotube compound material development project of NEDO from 2011 to 2014, we developed a "dispersing liquid" using an inorganic dispersing agent in which SWCNT (single-walled carbon nanotube) was dispersed stably and evenly.

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Stable dispersing technology using inorganic materials for carbon materials
Overview of developed products and technology
-We have made use of our expertise in the inorganic dispersion agent used for the formation of a film in the course of the manufacturing and sales of the membrane forming agent which uses soda silicate, potassium silicate, organic metals, and inorganic metals. We have started to develop dispersion technology with completely inorganic materials through joint research with Shinshu University.
-During the innovative carbon nanotube compound material development project of NEDO in fiscal years 2011 through 2014, we developed "dispersion liquid" which disperses SWCNT (single-walled CNT) stably and evenly using an inorganic dispersion agent.
-Inorganic dispersion agents are characteristically easy to remove after coating and easy to handle as the amount of bubbles are smaller in comparison with the conventional dispersion technology using carbon materials; therefore, they can be regarded as the "dispersion agent that can make good use of the advantage of materials."
Features and points
Shown below are the excellent points of the dispersion agents of the company using inorganic materials in comparison with the conventional dispersion technology of carbon materials (organic solvent, surface hydrophilization treatment, surfactant).
1. It is possible to disperse carbon materials (CNT, graphite, etc.). Further, as the dispersion performance is excellent, conductivity can be realized by adding a small amount of CNT.
2. It is possible to easily remove dispersion agents after coating.
(E.g., Possible to create a transparent conductive film with a surface resistivity of 200 ohm per sq. and a transmittance of 90 percent)
3. The environmental load is small as this is a water-type dispersion liquid.
4. The dispersion is stable for several weeks.
Industries we hope to work with/advantages expected from the collaboration with the industries
[Coating manufacturer, printing manufacturer]
Possible to use existing coating devices (possible to introduce without investing in a large-scale facility)
[Device manufacturer]
As it is easy to remove the dispersion agent, it can be expected to enhance the performance of the conductive film. (Application to flexible devices is expected.)



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