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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:35

Renaissance Energy Research,

We develop high level catalyst technology and membrane technology in the field of energy.

We have succeeded in making large scale films and mini modules that can be mass produced with respect to high performance CO2 separation films for biogas and are aiming at using them to obtain the necessary film performance for business applications.
We think we have an extremely large opportunity in our business if we can apply CO2 separated films to biogas and thus develop, and make practical, compact but highly efficient CO2 separation devices that consume small amounts of energy at low cost.

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Sales Pitch

CO2 separation and collection method with CO2 selection transmission membranes (facilitated transport membrane)
Overview of developed products and technology
-If you remove the massive amounts of CO2 in biogas, it will be a good fuel source with methane as its major component; however, conventional CO2 separation technology (other than the membrane method) requires expensive and large-scale facilities, becoming a barrier preventing the spread of the method.
-In addition, as this is a process of a type that consumes a large amount of energy, the excellent environmental characteristics of biogas are lost at the stage of removing CO2.
-With our technology, we have developed a CO2 separation device that is small, highly efficient, and inexpensive and that consumes a small amount of energy by making use of a CO2 separation membrane on the biogas, accelerating the efficient use of biogas.
Features and points
-The CO2 separation and collection method with the CO2 selective transmission membrane (accelerated transport membrane) uses a membrane that is as thin as several tens of microns for the absorption and emission of CO2. Therefore, it is possible to use the energy generated at the time of absorbing CO2 as the energy for the emission, and thus, the characteristics lie in the energy-saving process that does not require supply of energy from the outside.
-In comparison with existing CO2 separation technologies such as "chemical absorption method (mainly for large scale chemical plants)" and "PSA (mainly for hydrogen stations)," not only is energy consumption reduced but the facility size and the facility cost are made better as well.
Industries we hope to work with/advantages expected from the collaboration with the industries
[Engine manufacturer, new power generation business operator]
As the biogas engine having adopted the CO2 separation and collection method with the company's selective transport membrane requires a lower cost (initial and running) than biogas-dedicated engines, it will be easier to newly participate in the biogas power generation business.

[Sewage treatment]
Adopting methane fermentation facility for current sewage treatment makes compactization possible.

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