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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:49

Nano Frontier Technology Co., Ltd.

Creating New Functional Materials and Dramatically Improving Functionality

Our company is a development-oriented venture specializing in advanced micronization and dispersion technologies, and we develop highly functional new materials through activities such as joint research. Using micronization technology, we offer manufacturing, experiments, research, and other services on a contract basis.

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Research and Development
Project 1: Dispersion and Cutting of Carbon Nanotubes
We succeeded in dispersing and cutting carbon nanotubes. Conventional dispersing and cutting methods, such as ultra-strong ultrasound and laser processing, require a long processing time and are unsuitable for mass processing. In addition, the use of ball mills and bead mills may cause contamination by the balls and beads. Our processing is quick, easy, and inexpensive.
Project 2: Development of Metal Oxide Composite Solar Heat Absorber with the World's Highest Light Absorption Rate and Durability
We have successfully developed a solar heat absorber with the world's highest light absorption rate and long-term high-temperature durability by combining titanium dioxide and metal oxide particles. In the future, we will apply this technology to the concentrators of CSP (Concentrating Solar Power), especially for high-temperature tower solar thermal power generation and dish solar thermal power generation.
Project 3: Development of Carbon Nanotube Composite Solar Absorber Film
The developed light-absorbing film shows high light absorption characteristics over a wide range of wavelengths. As a result of measuring the temperature of the substrate by irradiating it with a xenon lamp, the temperature of the developed product was higher than that of existing products in proportion to its light absorption characteristics. This indicates that the product absorbs more light and has greater heat conversion capacity than the existing products. In the future, we plan to apply this technology to heat collectors for solar water heating and solar thermal power generation and waste heat absorption, black films, and heat radiation components.

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