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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:51

EnNet Co.,Ltd.

We apply our advanced knowledge and expertise in electrochemistry to prototype, evaluate, and analyze batteries.

We provide a service to create a database of impedance characteristics of lithium secondary batteries using the multiple impedance measurement method, which establishes a safety diagnosis suitable for lithium secondary batteries, and a service to diagnose battery safety based on the database.

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Business contents
Development of evaluation and diagnostic equipment for large batteries (for automobiles and storage batteries)

Contract research, research, development, and evaluation
Analysis, evaluation, and performance diagnosis of large batteries (for automobiles and storage batteries)
From prototyping lithium batteries to the evaluation of battery materials
Development of electrochemical devices and related materials

Technical and development strategy support for battery R&D

[Dispatching of lecturers and instructors]
Lecturers and instructors on battery-related technologies (batteries, battery materials, evaluation and analysis technologies)
Lecturers and instructors on basic electrochemistry
Overview of developed products and technologies
This technology is a multiple impedance measurement method to establish a safety diagnosis suitable for lithium secondary batteries.

This multiple AC impedance method enables measurement of many characteristics simultaneously in a short time, and provides a visualization (3D) and database service for the results.

The same method (observation of changes in resistance and output voltage) as that used for lead-acid batteries is currently used for safety diagnosis of lithium secondary batteries used in electric vehicles and stationary storage batteries, but this is not sufficient for diagnosis due to differences in operating principles and battery materials. Our measurement method enables safety diagnosis suitable for lithium rechargeable batteries.

[Core technologies]
Advanced basic knowledge and experience with electrochemistry, and battery prototyping, evaluation, and analysis technologies

Experience, knowledge, and know-how related to effective evaluation technology for battery characteristics (AC impedance and DC pulse measurements)
Features and points
The state of health (SOH) and state of life (SOL) of each cell in a module can be analyzed and evaluated instantly and accurately with a pseudo-equivalent circuit.

This makes it possible to optimize battery operating conditions and create deterioration countermeasures for each application, thereby extending the service life of the batteries in use.

It has both measurement and diagnostic functions, as well as multiple functions for simultaneous measurement of the relevant characteristics of individual batteries that constitute a module battery and batteries that are integrated together.



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