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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:44

Fuchita Nanotechnology Ltd.

We provide cutting-edge nanoparticle film formation technologies.

We are a manufacturer researching and developing film formation technologies in which nanoparticles or minute particles are sprayed from nozzles. The technologies include nano technologies originally developed in Japan such as gas deposition technology and aerosolized gas deposition technology. We design the equipment, which complies with specifications requested by clients and which is supported by our familiarity with nanoparticles, and deliver such equipment related to nanoparticles in large quantities.

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Aerosolized gas deposition device
This is a device for forming ceramic film under ordinary temperature. 
Minute particles are contained in a closed container, and gas is introduced to the inside of it to generate aerosol. Stirred up ceramic particles, along with the gas, pass through the conveying pipe, are sprayed from the nozzle to the substrate on the opposite side, and then accumulate on it. 
In the gas conveyance process, the ceramic particles undergo friction and are electrified. The spraying of the particles at high speed forms films with minute nanoparticle structures.
Gas deposition equipment (GD)
The nanoparticles generated in the gas are conveyed by the gas, sprayed from the nozzle to the substrate on the opposite side, and then accumulate on it. Since active nanoparticles are used for film formation, it is formed at low temperature. 
Electrostatic induction plasma device for forming ceramic films under ordinary temperature (EPD) 
This is a device for forming ceramic films. (So far, we have formed ceramic films made of "alumina," "yttria," and "zirconia.")
[Features and points]
(1) Films can be formed under ordinary temperatures.
(2) Even when the film is thin, it has excellent insulation properties (in the case of an alumina film).
(3) The speed of forming a film is 50 times faster than that of forming a film with sputtering methods.



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