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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:43:54


We plan and manufacture original packaging and baking sheets for confectionery.

We plan, manufacture, promote, and provide technical guidance on packaging sold to manufacturers of bread, confectionery, and ice cream, fast-food restaurants, convenience stores, and mass-market retailers. We also provide guidance on successful business operation to our customers, sell imported goods, and run restaurants.
We can provide total support for the development of product menus.
We make proposals that suit each customer based on our extensive knowledge of confectionery production and breadmaking in the Japanese market.

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Product information
Fine dining packages
Beautifully designed fine dining packages can be brought home from the store and directly placed on the dining table.

Prepared food (home-meal replacements) that has gained popularity in recent years, is now a must-have for each household. However, packaging for takeaway food is often very plain and most people choose to unpack the meals and place them on plates before serving them. Our "Fine Dining" packages are designed to be directly served on the table, which are beautiful to look at both on the store shelf and on the dining table. These packages can serve various needs and can be used to pack daily meals such as salads and rice dishes as well as special meals served on special occasions (such as high-end hors d'oeuvres served during celebrations and parties).
Baking cups and trays
Original baking cups and trays developed with a focus on productivity

Baking cups and trays must first of all contribute to increasing productivity, and should also be functional and well-designed. They should help food to be baked well without requiring too much time and effort, and should make the food look more delectable when put on shelves for sale. These baking cups and trays are available in many versions, including regular versions and festive/seasonal versions. Our lineup of a variety of baking cups and trays can respond to various needs in a timely manner. Because these cups and trays are made of paper, they can easily be disposed of as combustible garbage and are quite environmentally friendly.
Dessert/deli cups
Original dessert/deli cups that reflect the value of delicious food

Dessert cups for chilled desserts to complement the color, seasonality, and volume of the dessert. The demand for deli cups has increased in recent years. Available in various forms, these cups are used not only in the confectionary industry but also in various other fields such as convenience stores, grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, and delicatessens. When we develop cups, we try to imagine how to make each food that is going to be placed inside them look attractive so that we can determine the material, shape, and design that are most suitable for their use. To respond to a wide range of needs, we offer an extensive lineup of dessert/deli cups, including highly transparent PS cups, heat-resistant and cost-effective PP cups, and environmentally friendly molded sheets made of PET.
WASARA (paper dish)
"Paper dishes", the mirror of our heart
WASARA(paper dish) came to life from our wish to create dishes made of paper that can make meals look beautiful and bring rich and warm feelings to the dining table.
The basic ideas behind this invention are the sense of beauty and value that have been passed down in Japan since ancient times.
Our culture is characterized by the tradition of creating things using exceptional skill, having one of the world's most sophisticated food cultures, and our spirituality that values hospitality and courtesy.
WASARA embodies all the precious things that nourish our heart and make our lives whole.

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