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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:52

Musashi Paint Holdings Co., Ltd.

Special Coatings for Plastics and Metals

Musashi Paint has been a leader in the industry, specializing in plastic coatings. With this experience, our company has continued to provide products with various features to meet a wide range of needs, including automobiles, cell phones, home appliances, and personal computers. Our manufacturing bases are also expanding overseas to China, Southeast Asia, India, the United States, and Europe.

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Product Information
Automotive Parts Field
Our main product in the automotive parts field is paint for plastic parts for automobile interiors. Our products are used not only by Japanese automobile manufacturers but also by automobile manufacturers worldwide. Today, we mainly provide environmentally friendly paints that are being promoted in the automotive industry. We can offer piano black color and high brightness silver, and various other color variations. The products we develop meet stringent coating performance requirements such as light resistance and chemical resistance.
Home Appliance Field
Our products have been used in a wide range of products in the home appliance field as standard coatings for plastics and metals. While using our color-mixing capabilities to achieve the color tone requested by our customers, we develop coating film performance to suit the product application. If you visit an electronics retail store, you will see many products that use our coatings.
Communication Field
In the communication field, we mainly provide coatings for computers, mobile phones, and smartphones. In the computer field, we have a lineup of coatings that can be applied to unique materials such as magnesium. We provide products that meet stringent coating performance requirements, such as abrasion resistance and fingerprint resistance. In the mobile phone and smartphone fields, our strength lies in our color-mixing technology that reproduces various color tones required by customers, such as high brightness, high saturation, and high gloss. By providing products with improved resistance to staining and scratching, many customers have adopted our laser-cut paint for numeric keypads, UV paint for body cases, and soft feel paint. We also have a wide range of paints that can be applied to special nylon materials.
Cameras and Others
Our products have been widely adopted in digital cameras and other fields, and in particular, we boast the world's top share of the single-lens reflex digital camera market. Our paints are also used in electronic cigarettes, which are a hot topic these days. We have an extensive lineup of paints that can be applied to magnesium and other unique materials. We develop and produce products that meet stringent coating performance requirements, such as abrasion and fingerprint resistance.

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