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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:53

intercross co.,ltd.

A Manufacturer of Medical Devices for Physiological Measurement and Visualization of Human Psychology (EEG, electrocardiogram, myoelectricity, warmth, coldness, and pain)  

We research, develop, and support equipment and software for evaluating human sensitivity. That is, equipment and software that use: electroencephalography and electrocardiography for objectively evaluating arousal, relaxation, and pleasure/discomfort, or electromyography for muscle fatigue, or senses of warmth and cold for the extent of pain.

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・It simultaneously measures acceleration, gyro, temperature, and barometric pressure from EEG, ECG, and EMG.
・The inter-electrode resistance function allows for more accurate measurements.

In addition to multiple electrophysiological measurement items (eight channels)*1, acceleration, gyro, temperature, and barometric pressure are measured simultaneously. TTL trigger input (two channels) enables the measurement of event-related potentials induced by sound stimuli. 

The interelectrode resistance measurement function allows you to determine the suitability of EEG electrode placement. It is also equipped with one D/A output channel for function expansion.
*1 EEG, ECG, EMG, pulse wave, respiration, etc.
Biological signals/sensory physiology: Senses of warmth, cold, and pain (offset thermal grill illusion)

The Standard Model of Somatosensory Evaluation Method with Four Functions
1. Warm and cold sensory threshold measurement
Measures warm and cold sensations using heat flow and evaluates independently and quickly. 
2. Pain stimulation
High-speed temperature control at 15°C/sec. MRI stimulation is also possible (with optional equipment).
3. Pain threshold
Reproduces the repetition of hot and cold nociception.
4. Synchronous Input
Pain VAS input device, intecross-210-09 with 6-channel analog input. Maximum sampling rate: 1 kHz
・Pasteless EEG Electrodes
・Gel Electrode for Bioelectrophysiological Measurement
It allows EEG measurement without paste. Since the subjects do not need to wash their hair after measuring EEG and feel less burden, these products are used by universities and corporate laboratories that have introduced physiological measurement.

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