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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:43:54


We have a comprehensive system for design, materials procurement, evaluation testing, and parts fabrication, enabling us to provide numerous products.

We specialize in the development of systems and manufacture of products mainly for social infrastructures and industries.


Sales Pitch

We develop and manufacture electronic devices and assemble boards.
[Business description/highlights]
We have plenty of experience in a variety of fields including railroad, transportation, electricity, disaster prevention, security, and space. Our customers particularly appreciate our services in areas where long-term maintenance is needed.
Our strength is our system of total support ranging from prototype design to materials procurement, product evaluation, failure analysis, and maintenance design. We also undertake board assembly projects, with four lines of mounting equipment installed in our plant so that we can respond to orders for assembly of a single board or a wide variety of boards in small batches, including boards that we develop for our customers and those we are commissioned to assemble as part of an EMS.
[Main products/overview of our technology, products, and services/examples of how our products are used]
Our 80 designers undertake a wide variety of tasks including circuit design, development of embedded software and firmware, implementation of sequence control, and mechanism design. We have an abundance of experience in designing analog circuits, digital circuits, and FPGAs for leading electronic manufacturers for use in social infrastructure systems that require high reliability. We also develop products for both indoor and outdoor use.
Our products for outdoor use are protected against vibration and heat as well as environmental degradation (weather, salt damage, etc.). These products have been delivered to customers in the fields of railroad, transportation, electricity, and disaster prevention, among others.
Our board assembly services include the assembly of high-quality lead-free eutectic boards that are mounted on satellites and the mounting of 0402-size ultrasmall parts on boards. We can even manually mount 0603-size parts on boards. We have received many awards in soldering competitions held in Japan.
[Certifications and approvals received]
ISO 9001, ISO 14001

[Business/development projects undertaken with leading companies]
Transportation-related systems, railroad-related systems, disaster prevention-related systems, electricity-related systems, monitoring systems, etc.