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Nanomatechs Corporation

Nanomatechs - making Nanomaterials Technologize

[Our Business]
We develop and wholesale products made of nano-carbon compound materials (carbon nanotube, graphene, fullerene added to resin, ceramic).
We distribute nano-carbon and thermoplastic resin evenly to develop and productize ideal compound materials from which carbon will not be isolated, resulting in excellent conductivity, heat dissipation, and electromagnetic wave absorption performance.

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[Our Products]
Major product 1: CNT-mixed flexible conductive filament for 3D printers
This has rubber elasticity and is able to remove static electricity, therefore, it does not damage electronic components or circuit boards, enabling you to avoid the trouble caused by static electricity.
For example, you can use a 3D printer to manufacture a tool to hold the circuit board used in the printing process of an implemented machine easily, at a low cost, and with a short lead time.
In addition, your printing accuracy is improved to enhance the yield and to contribute to cost cutting.
(Patent applied in 2018)
Major product 2: Electronic board receiving jig made of CNT-mixed resin for the printing process
In recent years, electronic equipment tends to be light, thin, and small and to have a thin electronic circuit board and, in addition, electronic components also tend to be implemented in high density.
Therefore, the support pin method in the conventional printing process with an implemented machine is not able to offset the warp of a circuit board, frequently increasing the number of cases in which defective printing occurs.
When you use our method to manufacture a CNT-mixed resin electronic circuit board, you can solve such problems.
(Japanese Patent No. 6540963)
Major product 3: CNT-mixed resin nozzle for 0402 chips
In recent years, electronic equipment, etc. are becoming short, small, and thin; as a result, electronic components are becoming extremely small. Therefore, it is difficult to attach 0402-sized chips, etc. with the current ceramic nozzles and, thus, it is said that implemented machines cannot be operated with their operation speed at 100%. Our CNT-mixed nozzle is light and has good wear-proof performance, being able to solve such problems.
(Japanese Patent No. 5746763)



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