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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:54


Developing Products for Introducing the Latest IoT Technologies Easily on a Low Budget

Our goal is to develop products that allow customers to introduce the latest IoT technology and solve their problems easily. We have pursued functionality and cost effectiveness in the components, including general-purpose compact microcomputers.

One-stop Solution to Your Problems: Please Leave It to Us
Our company has more than 30 years of experience as a system division of the group (Kunimori Kagaku Co., Ltd., Star Seiki Co., Ltd., Startechno Co., Ltd., Kunimori Kagaku Kanto Plant, Kuni-Stars Co., Ltd.). We have recently started to manufacture IoT devices based on software development. With the cooperation of our group companies that are manufacturers, we have commercialized products to meet the needs of the actual work. Now, the finished products are actively used in the field.

From hardware innovations with reduced investment in on-site improvements to information linkage with OA, our company provides one-stop solutions based on its extensive experience. We can customize them for you and make suggestions to suit your situation.

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Making the Latest IoT Technology Easy and Affordable
Easy and Affordable IoT
We have pursued functionality and cost effectiveness in components, including general-purpose compact microcomputers. As a result, we successfully made it easy and economical to implement.

[Outline of Main Products, Technologies, Products and Services, and Examples of Use]
We sell IoT systems for production sites, such as production progress management systems and systems for preventing erroneous input of materials, and centralized management devices for preventing infectious diseases and heatstrokes in all situations while conducting contract development for individual projects.
Operational Improvement, Visualization, Paperless, Error Prevention in Manufacturing
[Erroneous Material Input Prevention System]
After something happens, it's already too late. QR, which even untrained workers can operate, provides complete control of electronic keys and prevents human error. You can also use the system for other locking mechanisms for material tanks, for example, to avoid mixing of different materials.

[Production Progress Management System]
It is an effective remedy for increasing production efficiency. The workers' awareness of their goals will begin to change immediately following the installation. An additional server will visualize the field information on the dashboard for the administrator if installed.

[Tool Error Prevention App for IoT Tools]
For those troubled by tooling errors and omissions in daily reports, this app will help you with procedural error warnings and assist you in entering the work reports simply by installing the QR code. You can even use the existing tools in the operations.
Use IoT to help prevent infectious diseases and heatstrokes for all occasions.
[Automatic Read Aloud System]
A gentle voice announces tasks you are likely to forget. The system records all kinds of schedules on the web, so register anything such as the window opening and closing times to prevent coronavirus infections and reminders for meetings. You can even register such reminders using smartphones.

[Wi-Fi-enabled Thermo-hygrometer]
It allows you to manage infection control measures and heatstroke prevention centrally. You can also centrally control and analyze the situation through the dashboard by installing terminals in conference rooms, server rooms, and work sites. CO2 sensor terminals are also available.