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Latest update: 10/08/2022 15:25:09

TKS Corp.

An Engineering Trading Company that Leverages Technology and Experience

We offer the latest overseas technologies to customers in the semiconductor, MEMS, electronic device, and optical systems industries. In addition to the latest technologies, we also offer services to extend the service life of the equipment that has been in use for several decades.


Sales Pitch

Our main products are deposition equipment (PVD, CVD, ALD, etc.) and etching equipment (dry and wet) for manufacturers of semiconductors, MEMS, electronic devices, and optical products.
Magnetic Material Deposition and Etching Equipment
We manufacture IBE (Ion Beam Etching Equipment), IBD (Ion Beam Deposition Equipment), Cluster Type Sputtering Equipment, and integrate the latest control systems into various vintage vacuum process equipment. Ion beam deposition system with helical coil type ECR ion source enables high rate and high density oxide film formation and ferromagnetic film deposition.

In the equipment refurbishing business, we incorporate the latest control systems into certified manufacturing equipment brought from end-users to extend the service life of the existing equipment without the need for significant capital investments and complicated certification work.
Sputtering Equipment for High-Precision Optical Filter Film Deposition
A sputter-up method is used to minimize particles for deposition. It can handle flat and curved substrates up to 300 mm in diameter and can be equipped with a substrate heating mechanism.

[Features and Advantages]
-Outstanding reproducibility of the optical multilayer film
-Excellent film thickness uniformity
-Improved film quality and flawless film formation by the combination of cylinder-type sputter cathode and sputter-up
-Long target life and minimized deposition rate fluctuation made possible by cylindrical target
-Fully automated process control
Magnetron Sputtering Cathode with Patented Magnet Shape
Circular, rectangular, and cylinder cathodes with diameters ranging from 1 to 16 inches are developed and manufactured at a US manufacturer specialized in sputtering cathodes.

The patented magnet shape expands the erosion area, dramatically improving the target utilization efficiency of magnetron sputtering cathodes and contributing to cost reduction in the sputtering process.

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