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Let NISHIYAMA METALS CO., LTD. handle high quality hard facing overlaying with Co alloys, Ni alloys, and compound materials!

Hard facing overlaying is a technique to partially enhance durability such as anti-wear, anti-corrosion, and heat-proof performance. This technique is used in a lot of fields including iron manufacturing, steel manufacturing, chemistry, valve products, automobiles, and glass industries. In the technique, a metal layer exhibiting a desired performance is added to a part that needs such performance, greatly elongating the lifetime of components and enabling worn components to be reused.

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Introducing the business overview, the facilities available, etc.
Business overview
Improving surface quality
Improving surface quality here means to change a surface into a state different from the original material to add a certain functionality. This enhances the value of the material.

Overlaying regeneration (correction)
Industrial machines are worn through friction acting on metal, corrosion of pipes in which liquid acids flow, etc., and these result in the daily consumption of components. Hard facing (overlaying welding, overlay spraying) is a means for repair to replace the need for buying replacements. Hard facing can repair the part that has been worn out, which we call overlaying regeneration.

Integrated production (Machining)
We handle all the steps up to the finishing after overlaying. Although processing difficult-to-machine materials poses challenges and frequently leads to errors, our staff is accustomed to such difficult-to-machine materials and can handle them up to the finishing processing.
Introducing materials
A material of high hardness and excellent in wear-proof performance and acid-proof performance. As its attributes hardly change, this material is an all-rounder with respect to wear prevention.

As this exhibits corrosion-proof performance and is easily moisturized, this is used for thermal spraying.

Hastelloy, inconel, tribaloy, etc. are also available.
Powder plasma automatic welding device
Powder plasma external welding torch
Powder frame thermal spraying device
NC lathe
General purpose lathe
TIG welding machine
MIG/MAG welding machine
Multi-joint MIG welding robot
Compression blast machine