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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:43:56

Sampowells Co.,Ltd.

We aspire to become a company that can make patients happier and contribute to better healthcare and society.

We are committed to making truly helpful proposals by listening to the voices of patients who take medicines every day and their caregivers, which reach us through dispensing pharmacies. We listen to these voices to suggest better ways to take medicines and to improve the tools that can help patients stay on their medication. We work hard to offer the fruit of our efforts as actions beyond the dispensing of pharmaceuticals that are necessary to provide comfort to patients who need to take medicines every day.

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OYAKUSOKU® (medicine dispenser), which is used in the fields of healthcare and welfare, can be used more widely as a health-promoting tool.
OYAKUSOKU® as a medication support tool
Calendars and boxes, which have long been used as medication support tools, have not been able to meet the needs of users in a satisfactory manner. There are three advantages to using OYAKUSOKU® (medicine dispenser). Firstly, it takes away the extra work and error associated with separating each bag of medicine from the rest and placing them inside the pockets on the calendar or the small compartments of a box. With OYAKUSOKU®, you can just place a roll of bags containing one-month supply of medicine into a container without the need to separate each bag from the rest, which is easy and error-free, and also reassuring for pharmacists and visiting nurses. Secondly, OYAKUSOKU® is shaped like a box and can fit into all kinds of spaces, allowing you to put it anywhere you want. This allows you to use OYAKUSOKU® in a way that is suitable to the settings in which you take medicine. In addition to reducing the burden on you, OYAKUSOKU® can also help you remember to take medicine. Furthermore, because it is made of paper, it is ecological and available at low cost. OYAKUSOKU® is a promising tool that can help reduce leftover medicine, cut medical expenses, and contribute to the betterment of a quickly aging society. OYAKUSOKU® as a medication support tool is a simple yet novel solution that we are sure you will enjoy using.
OYAKUSOKU® as a tool for packing and using made-to-order supplements
OYAKUSOKU® can be used to pack made-to-order foods and supplements for shipment and used "as is" as a medicine dispenser. Because medicines come in various forms, some of them are not suitable for use with OYAKUSOKU®.
Made-to-order mixed supplements, on the other hand, are generally packed in a roll of small bags, and are therefore a perfect fit for OYAKUSOKU®.
Just prepare supplements that meet the need of each customer and place them inside OYAKUSOKU® for easy shipment. Upon receipt of the package, customers can start using the entire package as a dispenser, pulling out and tearing off a bag containing each dose. Although OYAKUSOKU® is also available in plastic, we recommend ones made of paper because they are much more ecological and low-cost.
We are also interested in contributing to the pet food industry.
OYAKUSOKU® can be used for packing each serving of pet food or each dose of pet medicine. We are looking forward to collaborating with the pet industry.



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