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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:40

SceneryScent Co.,Ltd.

We produce fragrant spaces to create dreamy and impressive memories.

We have developed scent machines, equipment that quickly scatters fragrance in theaters, theme parks, etc. and promptly erases it when it is no longer necessary (utility model right acquired). We wholesale and rent them out; we concoct and sell our original flavors and fragrances as well. We apply them also to olfactory marketing for the purpose of attracting customers and branding.
Moreover, we are an OEM manufacturer of one-of-a-kind products that provide the scent of humans, giving the impression of somebody being close to you.

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Sales Pitch

Direction for scent spaces, production and wholesale of OEM scent goods
Sales and rental of Scent Machine, equipment for scent space generation
Business related to the direction of scent special effects in plays, concerts, and theme parks

The development and wholesale of the Scent Machine Series, equipment for scent generation
The order-made production and sales of special effect scents (perfumes)
The production and wholesale of OEM fragrance goods
Business related to the proposition and wholesale of OEM merchandise processed into scent goods

1. As the goods enable people to "wear" and carry with them the sole and unique scent specific to a character, they will receive the value of being able to always feel their admired figure or character in their vicinity, and thus would want to buy the product repeatedly and instinctively when the scent disappears.

2. We provide olfactory marketing services through the use of aromas and scents to attract customers, for sales promotion of goods and services, and for product and corporate branding.
Wholesale of original fragrance goods