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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:36

JUST Co., Ltd.

We handle all kinds of plating.
We challenge the plating process for the next generation.

Based on the tradition and achievements for the half century since our foundation and being able to respond to a variety of requests for plating, our strong points include galvanization for automotive components and electroless nickel plating for piston-related products. In addition, we have a patent for silver plating and have earned a good reputation from a wide range of users. In recent years, we have been active in developing our new business by introducing products in the medical industry, trying to expand our share in diamond electrodeposition. We have just started to develop overseas business bases and are actively engaging in sales in Germany and North America.

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Overview of company
Business description
Electroless nickel plating
Nickel plating
Diamond electrodeposition
Partial silver plating
Major business scope
Automotive component surface treatment (air-conditioner system, brake system), etc.
Semiconductor device component (valve component, pipe joint, quartz, silicon, processing tool)
Precision equipment component (electron microscope component)
Press die, OA equipment
Major production items
1. Various metal surface treatments, electroplating, electroless plating (zinc, bright nickel, hard chrome, decorative chrome, luster tin, lusterless tin, silver, copper, zinc-nickel alloy, nickel alloy)
2. Stainless nut internal surface partial silver plating (R1/16 -)
3. Diamond electrodeposition (diamond abrasive grain 0.25 micrometers - 2 millimeters for each size, CBN abrasive grain 1 micro - 0.3 millimeters for each size, fixed with plating)
4. Partial plating, functional plating (alloy, compound, eutectoid, electroforming) in various types
Processed material
Ferrous metal (stainless, high speed steel, etc.)
Non-ferrous metal (copper, brass, aluminum, carbide, titanium)
Production capacity
600 - 800 t (gross weight) per month
Products and technology
1. High performance rust-proof plating
Cohabitation of function and environment 
Hexavalent chromium free
Non-cyanide plating path
Hydrogen brittleness proof (zinc chloride bath)
Anti-stress strength specialized in casting products
2. Stainless bolt partial silver plating
Stainless nut internal surface silver plating
Silver plating is applied on the internal surface of a stainless nut to prevent chipping.
Stainless bolt partial silver plating
Silver plating is applied only to the screw part of a stainless bolt to prevent chipping.
(Major examples of use: semiconductor manufacturing facility, atomic power related facility, etc.)
Fastening torque lubrication treatment on a nut: "smoother treatment"
"Smoother treatment" is applied as a lubricant to secure light and stable caulking torque to fasten a nut.
3. Diamond electrodeposition
Electrodeposition is a special technique to deposit diamond with "plating" on the surface of metal.
The tools necessary for processing brittle materials are sapphire, ruby, quartz, glass, and ceramics (alumina, silicon carbide, zirconia, etc.).

4. Enhancing the functionality with diamond special electrodeposition technology and compound plating
Ultrafine diamond (0.2 micrometers) deposition available
Ultrafine 0.02 - 2 mm length in diameter scattered evenly
Single layer and multi-layer electrodeposition available
Ultrahard and SUS materials for plating with high adhesive strength
Diamond sizes from #18 to #100,000
Even thickness plating for complex shapes
17th Invention Prize awarded
7th Manufacturing Japan Prize, Tohoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize
Science and Technology Commissioner's Award - two prizes
Modern master craftsman
The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency (SMEA): "Vibrant HABATAKU Small and Medium Enterprises 300"
Media publications
2. Special diamond electrodeposition website
This is a website dedicated to the plating processing technology "UDS" unique to Just. There, we introduce in detail our UDCs that have been adopted effectively in a variety of industries.

3. Strongest Drill vs. Strongest Metal - a special website by the Small and Medium Sized Companies Federation
A well-received program in "Hoko x Tate," a popular show on the Fuji Television Network
Acquired certifications, qualifications, etc.
ISO 14001 certification acquired (year 2015 version)
ISO 9001 certification acquired (year 2015 version)
Certified as a regional future leading company by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (fiscal year 2018)
Quality control device
Atomic absorption spectrometer, high performance liquid chromatograph, salt spray tester, spectrophotometer
Stereomicroscope, inverted metallurgical microscope, shape analysis laser microscope, O.R.P. measuring instrument
PH measuring instrument, plating film thickness meter (electrolytic, for each type), dermes plating film thickness meter (for each type)
Hull cell test device, various types of plating solution analyzers, X-ray fluorescent analysis thickness meter
X-ray fluorescence qualitative analyzer, digimatic indicator, digimatic height gauge
Micro hardness tester

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