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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:53

UNITEX Corporation

Protect and utilize data with our unique data storage technology

Since our founding in 1990, our company has consistently delivered data storage solutions. Our strength lies in our technology and know-how to process large amounts of data safely and quickly. Our software and hardware data storage systems are used in a wide range of fields and domains, including manufacturing, medicine, finance, broadcasting, video, public facilities, and government agencies.

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Data Storage Solutions Offered by Unit
LTO Data Storage and Management System
It is an LTO data storage and management system that utilizes LTO (magnetic tape media), which is increasingly in demand as the latest media most suitable for the long-term storage of large amounts of data.
We have developed and sold the world's only USB-connected LTO device (other companies' devices connect to SAS or a server). With our USB LTO system, anyone can connect to a laptop computer or any other USB-compatible device and store large amounts of data for a long time, easily, anywhere, at low cost, safely, and securely.
Multi-optical Disc System
The system is equipped with our self-developed high-performance robot and produces 200 CDs/DVDs/BDs automatically. It connects multiple units as a cluster and creates a large number of optical discs by concurrently running many jobs. In addition, you can encrypt the optical discs that store the data and then divide and distribute the data in large quantities. We also make a large number of optical media as a contract service.
Multimedia Converter System
This system/software is ideal for data exchange operations between banks and companies, system migration, and data exchange between different operating systems. The multimedia converter system supports various media and transmissions such as MT, CMT, MO, FD, LTO, CD, DVD, etc., and is used by financial institutions and government agencies.



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