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Precious fine wood for contemporary life

We manufacture custom-made kitchen and interior components made of fine wood.

We naturally dry artisan-selected fine wood over a long period of time to create delicate and elegant designs that continue to nurture the hearts and minds of Japanese people.

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Graceful Kyoto-style crafts that bring warmth to your daily life through the woodgrain of fine wood
The wood is nurtured in Japan Sea coastal areas with short daylight hours and dried in nature for several decades, then carefully handcrafted to preserve its rustic texture.

The wood is selected for its fine grain and high quality, and the handmade character of the wood is profoundly conveyed in these top-quality products.

With the increasing Westernization of Japan, these products convey a refined elegance.

These items have the warmth of the weight of tradition and the breadth of a Japanese sensibility. They are made with the beauty of lacquerware and have an elegant color and luster that will bring comfort to the hearts and eyes of Japanese people.

We use only domestic Japanese wood, such as zelkova and horse chestnut, from trees that are several hundred years old.

We use only wood that has the circular burl grain of the best-quality wood.

Especially when the wood is 1.5m to 2m in diameter, various unique and rare grains are produced.
For gifts and souvenirs
We recommend these products for gifts and souvenirs, so we suggest them for presents. We will send the product directly to the recipient.

Mask cases, portable incense containers, tissue cases, remote control cases, connected chopsticks and cases, etc.
Chopsticks made of fine wood
The taste of an artisan created from carefully selected fine wood!

Each piece is handmade from wood that has been naturally dried for more than 30 years.

Because it is made of natural materials, the grain, luster, and so on may differ from those shown in the photos.

Also, please avoid using a dishwasher or dish drier. Wash in lukewarm water and wipe them with a soft dry cloth before use.

Chopsticks are available in 24cm and 21cm lengths. (Each wooden chopstick is made of natural material, so the grain of each chopstick is different from the others.)

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