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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:33:55

NAC KS Co.,Ltd.

Road reflectors, FRP molding, and other plastic-related products

We manufacture various road materials including road reflectors as our leading products. We also make use of our FRP and FRA molding technology in facility-related business such as pools, bathtubs, and top lights. We also develop and commercialize products using engineering plastics, acrylic pipes, and other plastics as materials.

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Product overview
We have been manufacturing road reflectors for over 40 years with the goal of creating a safer automotive society.

Among these products, we have Japan's top share for road reflectors with acrylic mirror surfaces.

In addition, to ensure the safety confirmation function, which is the purpose of installing road reflectors, we are actively developing functional mirrors that make use of surface treatment technology and heat source functions, as well as environmentally friendly products such as recycled landscape facilities.
Swimming pool-related
We produce FRP pools by concentrating our company's FRP molding technology.

FRP is safe and hygienic, with no worries about corrosion like metal and no blackening of joints like in tiled pools.

After installation, they are easy to maintain, and the beautiful condition lasts for a long time. 

In addition to standard school-use pools, we can also design slopes and other essential safety features upon request.

We will produce an optimal design according to the installation situation to ensure flawless pool operation.
NAC health spas and bathtubs
Special healing in a special space. Massaging jets and blower air bubbles that gently envelop the entire body soothe away the day's fatigue.

Own the ultimate relaxation space that makes you forget the time.
NAC Dome (top lights)
Our NAC dome (top light) is a vacuum-formed acrylic or polycarbonate resin plate that allows natural light and wind to freely enter a room.

Light coming in from the ceiling reduces lighting costs. There are several types available, including smoke exhaust, naturally ventilated, fixed, and direct-attached. The smoke exhaust type opens and closes, while the naturally ventilated type does not have an opening/closing function, and constantly ventilates the room. It can be insect-proofed with insect nets.

The fixed type includes versions such as condensation-proof, condensation-resistant, and heat-insulated. They feature heat resistance (over 130°C) and cold resistance (-10°C) as well as excellent impact resistance (400 times that of glass). These products are suitable for all types of buildings, including public facilities such as hospitals and nursing care facilities, factories, and general housing.

In particular, the naturally ventilated type is ideal for factory and warehouse roofs, where heat tends to accumulate, and for underground passageways and underground malls, where retractable domes are difficult to use.
Engineering plastics
We began producing engineering plastics in 1983 with polyacetal resin, and have since expanded into a series of variations.

We established a new NMC nylon plant in 1999 and began full-scale production. Its products are mainly used for equipment parts and jigs for factory lines.

They have excellent abrasion resistance, and are lightweight and rust-free. They can be molded into complex shapes with high precision, making them suitable for mass production.
Acrylic pipes
We manufacture casting acrylic resin pipes using a unique manufacturing technology called centrifugal polymerization technology. This has achieved transparency, luster, and smoothness in addition to the physical properties of being lightweight and tough.

We use this technology to manufacture acrylic resin pipes of various sizes, from 30 mm to 2000 mm in bore diameter and 2000 mm in length.

We manufacture cast acrylic resin pipes of various diameters and boast the number-one share in Japan (approximately 60%).

Our products are ideal for various lighting fixtures such as streetlights, monuments, and art objects, as well as various displays and indoor decorations.

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