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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:56

Tokyo Factory, Inc.

We are a startup company that provides SaaS products for manufacturing sites.

We develop, sell, and operate Proceed Cloud, our specialized cloud service for production sites in the manufacturing industry.
Proceed Cloud is a simple production information DB based on photos taken during the manufacturing process, which improves your operational efficiency, visualizes the supply chain, and improves the efficiency of skill transfer.
Proceed Cloud is currently used by a wide range of users, from a major plant engineering company to a shipbuilding manufacturer with sales of several billion yen.

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Sales Pitch

Proceed Cloud is a photo-based system to realize skill transfer and supply chain visualization
Streamlining skill transfer
Conventionally, skill succession required the creation of manuals, procedure books, and so on. However, because of the time and effort required to create the documents, you might not be able to include detailed information, or manuals might not have been created in the first place. These and other problems may arise.
Our Proceed Cloud builds a database that you can use as the source of your skill transfer by simply taking pictures and communicating with the application.
Visualizing your supply chain
Proceed Cloud displays photos in a frame where the vertical axis indicates parts and the horizontal axis indicates processes. This streamlines photo searching, and also allows you to check the progress status. In addition, you can assigning accounts to subcontractors, so you can manage the progress of subcontractors' processes, which can reduce the number of business trips.
Making your business efficient
This improves the performance of photo searching by displaying them in a frame with the vertical axis indicating components and the horizontal axis indicating processes.
In addition, you can attach a flag of your choice to photos to improve photo search performance.
A photo book creation function is also included, which will drastically reduce the time and effort required to create a photo book in Excel.

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