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Our total shading sheets are better than blackout curtains

The light shading rate is more than 99.99%
Total shading sheets are our company's original product. If you are looking for blackout curtains or light shading sheets, or thinking about renting blackout curtains, please be sure to watch our videos. We minimized the weight to the limit while achieving total shading.

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[Our company's original products] Total shading sheets, blackout curtains
Total shading sheets are better than blackout curtains
We have manufactured this product to be extremely lightweight while achieving complete shading. This is our original total shading sheet.
It has passed the strictest inspection standards for shading performance, and has achieved a shading rate of 99.99% or higher.
It is extremely thin and lightweight, weighing only 115g per square meter and with a thickness of 0.1mm, making it much lighter and more flexible compared to shading sheets from our competitors.
The standard area is 183cm in width by 50m in roll length, and 11kg in weight (including the empty core).
The price is 19,000 yen (excluding tax), excluding shipping charges.
It can be cut to the required size to suit a variety of site environments.
Becoming damp with moisture is also not a problem. It does not become heavy.
We also manufacture and sell flame-retardant total shading sheets of the same size.
The price is 24,000 yen (excluding tax), excluding shipping charges.
Suitable for projection mapping, installation on gymnasiums or roofs, energy-saving effects by installing on windows, cultural festivals, etc.

Click here for more information about our total shading sheets.
Blackout curtains
Blackout curtains are black curtains that are used to darken a room so that light does not pass to the outside.
Light-shading curtains include products classified into three grades: Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3. However, blackout curtains have only one grade, which is Grade 1.
Since Grade 1 of the light-shading grades has the best light-shading performance, it can be said that blackout curtains are suitable for a high level of light-shading.
They are very useful and important in situations where you want to block out more light, such as events, schools, drama filming, movies, and darkrooms for photography.
If you are looking for a low-budget solution for light shielding, we recommend our total shading sheets rather than blackout curtains. This is our company's original and excellent sheet, which is manufactured to be extremely lightweight while achieving complete shading. For more details, please see the product details page about our total shading sheet.

For more information about our blackout curtains, click here.

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