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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:52

CiNK Co.,Ltd.

Challenging Innovation from Kobe

Our company focuses on SES business and develops IoT systems in agriculture, manufacturing, and nursing care industries. We customize our products according to customers' requirements and propose products with lower costs and better quality.

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Business Description and Features
CiNK was founded in February 2015 as a core system consulting and web/control system development company. The company name, CiNK (pronounced "think"), is based on the idea of challenging technological innovation from Kobe (Challenge to iNnovation from Kobe)."

Currently, we develop web services primarily consisting of production management systems using IoT in the manufacturing, agriculture, and nursing care industries, customize them according to customer requirements, and propose good quality products at low cost. As recommended, especially by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, through ICT we comprehensively and integrally promote agriculture, forestry, and fishing as the primary industries; manufacturing as the secondary industries; and retailing as the tertiary industries. It will be realized as a sixth industrialization that creates new added value by utilizing local resources.

(1) SES (System Engineering Service) business (e.g., C#, Python, SAP, help desk)
(2) IoT system development (Magonote nursing care smart sensor)
(3) Web system development (e.g., SLS smart location system)
(4) Business system development (e.g., sales management system)
(5) Website and LP production
(6) Sales of office supplies and consumables, kitting, and trouble-shooting
CiTECS: IoT System for Manufacturing Industry (factories)
CiTECS is a service that replaces the existing PC-based remote monitoring system with a cloud service that combines the functions we provide to build an IoT system that contributes to TCO reduction as well as improved maintainability and scalability. The service is available even if no ICT technology has been introduced to the manufacturing floor. The introduction of CiTECS offers the following advantages, for example:
The service allows you to build a system that can be used simply by connecting to the system's web page via a browser without installing or updating applications on the terminals.
The cloud computing system can accumulate and back up the measured values, reducing the cost of maintaining and updating the terminals.
It enables you to review, organize, and upgrade existing production workflows and clarify plans for the future.

In addition to integrating your existing system, we provide development linked to other companies' cloud services, on-premise (with management server equipment installed at your office), or a mixture of both, depending on your needs. Also, for businesses with smaller production facilities, we can provide an optimal system focusing on the current issues. Moreover, we provide services to give the most appropriate solutions to your problems if you inform our sales staff of your requests, such as initial consulting for implementation only or system construction from the state where an improvement plan exists.
SLS: Smart Location System
Our smart location system, SLS, is a location information (GPS) management application. Knowing the current location and status of outside workers and sales vehicles is essential for the efficient and safe operations of the organization. Centrally managing the whereabouts and status of personnel and vehicles enables more efficient work planning and allocation. This application is a system that automatically collects and manages the location and status of managed objects.
CiAGIS: Smart Agriculture Support System
GiAGIS is a system to support smart agriculture for farmers. The system provides functions such as work planning, performance recording, and result aggregation through a web-based system that does not require installation. All you need to do is connect to the system's web page with your familiar PC browser. No software installation or configuration is required.
Magonote: Smart Sensor for Nursing Care
Magonote is a system for centrally managing the status of residents by gathering notifications from nurse calls and bed leaving sensors. The system can detect and quickly respond to wandering by utilizing wireless tag technology. We adopted a communication network for IoT, considered the communication cost, and kept the operation simple while adding practical functions to nurse calls. For example, in addition to the call function, it has features such as "call cancellation due to erroneous operation" and "report of response start/completion by simple button operation." Magonote was adopted as a subsidized project by The New Industry Research Organization (NIRO).
CPS: CiNK Website Service
With CiNK's website and landing page production services, our experienced directors manage the planning, structure, specifications, and progress of your website and make the most appropriate proposal according to the scale and needs of the customer. Please utilize the information technology support that only CiNK can provide for your business.