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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:43:51


We offer various forms of design technology that meets the needs of the times in a flexible and timely manner.

We serve our customers with the reliable mechanical/electrical design technology that we have accumulated in the field of industrial machinery (machine tools and printers) and the aerospace field (rockets and airplanes in the aerospace industry).
We serve our customers by committing ourselves to designing the resin parts for the interior and exterior of cars, which can directly affect design decisions.
We handle a wide range of tasks from designing of a model to evaluation of analysis results. To prevent the occurrence of errors, we carry out a simulation test during each design work to help customers in their development projects.


Sales Pitch

Strength of DAIKO TECHNO's design
Industrial machine design technology that contributes to management
Sharing information with development-related divisions and checking for interference or confirming machine behavior through CAE analysis help our customers eliminate rework, save costs, and shorten time to delivery.
Design of resin parts by utilizing our expert knowledge in the comprehensive development of resin products
The skills that allow us to handle the entire process (from development to production) have been nurtured through our experience in designing resin parts for the interior and exterior of cars.
We carry out various simulations as a means to not only ensure simplicity and low cost but also prevent the occurrence of failures.
The following are the things we can do: creation of an FE model, linear/non-linear analysis, heat conduction analysis, eigenvalue calculation, frequency response, transit response analysis, molding simulation, collision/fall simulation, fluid analysis, and structural analysis.