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We solve problems in electronic device development

Nanto Electronics offers optimal proposals for electronic device development. From analog circuits, such as those used in minute signal measurement and others, to peripheral circuits for networks such as ethernet and others and digital circuit design using logic ICs, we manufacture from an order for one piece according to the customer's request.

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Please leave anything related to electronic device development to us.
IoT monitoring service
The sensor market continues to grow in a number of fields in response to requirements such as recognition, measurement, and automation. It is expected that high functionality will continue to increase in the future; however, the reality is that it is difficult to handle IoT platforms that are commercially available.

With a focus on the fact that people involved in manufacturing are the key people in IoT, our service provides IoT units and WEB systems that do not require specialized knowledge. This service collects sensed data such as temperature and vibration, and the gathered sensing data can be monitored with a smartphone or computer from anywhere.
Sensing device development
 We conduct OEM in a wide range of fields from electronic circuit design that mixes digital and analog to software design for embedded CPUs. We excel at developing embedded sensor devices, have developed many sensing devices that contribute to improvements in productivity and the prevention of accidents, and offer problem-solving proposals.  Please feel free to contact us for support with the design of all phases of electronic devices.
Developmental achievements
Trial manufacturing of small to medium-sized medical and therapeutic equipment
Trial manufacturing of control circuits for amusement machines and toys.
The manufacture of testing equipment for lighting control systems in offices
The design and manufacture of control controllers for small machinery
The development of control circuits for incorporation into entry/exit management equipment
Motor drive circuit board design
and others




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