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Latest update: 28/06/2021 10:07:35

Evolution Solution Systems Co.Ltd

We use digital transformation (DX) to help our customers realize their dreams.

We make plans and proposals for business software programs (manufacturing, medical treatment, business management, physical distribution, public work) and maintain them; we are also engaged in the development of control system firmware programs.
We have achievements in development across a variety of industries.

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Sales Pitch

We realize thoughts such as "it would be nice if there was..." and "it would be convenient if it were possible to..."
Full scratch
We are a Microsoft Certified Partner. We possess reliable technological ability and have a wealth of business experience to make use of. The strong points of our business lie mainly in the development of business applications and the development of control firmware.
Moreover, we are able to handle projects that require high level skills including estimate support and system design at the time of developing products, as well as project management.

Production management, sales management, sales and cost calculation, repair diagnosis, machine history management, contracted transaction mediation system, agreement management, sales management, market management, etc.

Automatic warehouse system, etc.

Electric equipment
Downsizing mainframes, sales support (market management), material support (global material information management), sales support (yearly plan formulation, shipment management), etc.

National and municipal governmental work
Agreement management, referendum, basic resident register network, resident information system, basic resident register network system, school age register system, garbage bag sales management, municipal government package (citizen section, fixed assets, national health insurance tax, tax collection...), police work system, etc.

Medical business
Ordering (outpatient, ward), nursing support, image examination support, image analysis, uncollected payment management, health diagnosis, dentist appointment, etc.

Social insurance, social welfare, nursing business
Nursing insurance package

Bar and restaurant
Lunch time, table order

Insurance business
Life insurance sales support

Financing business
Intra-system for securities firm

Entertainment business
Attraction operation control for theme parks, golf course reservation

*Access the following URL for our development achievements:
Component ordering support system
A web system template that uses the Internet for the management of and providing support for your partner company (outsourcing company)

Transport business system
A sales management system optimal for transport and warehouse businesses

Inexpensive information collecting terminals (MCM System) are used to collect information from sensors in the production facility, etc. and to show such on electronic beacons (HDMI monitors).
The information from the above-mentioned MCM and PLC is collected on the server, and our BI tool (Motion Board, Dr. Sum) and full scratch tool show the factories, assembly lines, and production facilities that customers want to see in a variety of forms (graph).

The BI dashboard (Motion Board) converts the data of the company into variable information.
Visualizing a variety of data in a necessary but simple form
You can get necessary information quickly by using the BI dashboard to visualize a variety of disordered data collected from in and outside the company.
The status of the business changing in real time - business changes as time passes.
Whether you can provide your next move swiftly to respond to such changes can lead to the differentiation of your business, which is a quick way to achieve success.
Make analysis close to you - get insight from data
You do not need special knowledge such as programing to perform multilateral and high level analyses. Anybody can use data to discover new insights.
You can promptly do what you want with intuitive operation.
The usability with which anybody can operate easily. You only need to use a mouse for the operation of developing a dashboard.
Connected to the data and applications
You can connect to a variety of business applications, the cloud, and external services.

You can easily use it without needing specialized skills related to machine learning or programing.
You can achieve high level effects with high level forecast accuracy.
The grounds for forecasting lead to understandability, explainability, and action.
You can handle classified in-house data as you can use your PC for operation.

Major functions

Basic functions
Binary classification
Multi-value classification
Numerical forecast (regression)

Machine learning
Learning, evaluation

Supported data
Table format data (value, character string, text, date)

Development productivity enhancement tool
Do you have problems in reducing the labor for development and in unifying the quality at the time you advance system development?
We create a group of development tools for "the framework and shared components" optimal for the system you are considering.
Education and training for open system development
We provide support in the transition of skills for COBOL, RPG, and other mainframes or office computer development languages, which causes difficulties in hiring programmers due to an aging society, into .net C#, Java, and other open system development languages.
This transition makes it easy to attract younger programmers and makes it possible to reduce outsourcing costs.

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