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Latest update: 15/01/2024 17:32:31


Please contact our NWN/SEC group for mold texturing!

Mold texturing, 5-axis laser engraving, shot peening, injection mold, mold parts , color master development, injection molding trial, original grain development, please contact us for anything!

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Mold Texturing
Many plastic products around us are textured parts!
Most of the surfaces of various plastic products that you usually see are textured/engraved.

Smartphones and PCs, printer outer surfaces, office products(like chair, table), house supplies, bank/convenience store ATMs, air conditioners, cameras, game machines, amusement machines, automobile interiors and exteriors, tires, PET bottles, etc. Processing is active in various places behind the scenes. Be a proud group of plastic make-up artists, Nihon Etching.

Be a pioneer for the past 50 years and the next 50 years!
5-axis direct laser engraving
We have been supporting chemical etching using films for line patterns, wood patterns, leathers, geometric patterns, etc. for 3-dimension shapes, but further stabilization of quality, environmental consideration, repeat dies, multiple dies We have been working on laser processing for 7 years with the aim of flexibly responding to molds. In Japan, our own appeal is not enough to our customer, but the recognition is still low these days, but we believed in further possibilities and made a large investment in 2021.
It is also possible to handle large molds that were not possible until now.

Details will be posted on our website at any time, so please check there as well.

Other presentation

Since its founding in 1971, Nihon Etching Co., Ltd. has been highly evaluated both in Japan and overseas as a company specializing in "mold texturing" all materials including plastics and metals. By texturing various patterns on the surface of the material, it brings out the expression of materials such as plastic, metal, glass, and stone, and enhances their added value. We have built up a great deal of trust and achievements in the plastic industry with our highly sensitive expressiveness, solid technical capabilities, and advanced knowledge and experience. Regarding grain processing at overseas bases, we have 11 bases directly affiliated with our company, 5 bases as the NWN group, and 8 bases as the SEC group. We would appreciate it if you could also improve the texture processing at overseas bases.

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