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Latest update: 08/12/2022 14:04:42

Atom Japan Co., Ltd.

Reducing power consumption and CO2 emissions by greatly reducing air conditioning power consumption

Our fluid agitator ATOM subdivides the refrigerant which carries heat from air-conditioning equipment into very fine clusters, regardless of whether it is new equipment or equipment already in operation. By doing so, we have succeeded in reducing the resistance in refrigerant pipes to the absolute limit and significantly reducing drive power of the drive device (compressor) that pumps the refrigerant.

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About ATOM
Operating Principles
It attaches to the refrigerant pipe between the outdoor unit and indoor unit of an air conditioner or refrigerator, and has a function to improve the cooling and heating efficiency (target value) by 15% or more per unit of electric power used.
The principle works by reducing the internal resistance of the refrigerant flowing in the refrigerant pipe and reducing the size of the refrigerant cluster, we increased the surface area per unit of volume to make heat transfer uniform and improve heat exchange efficiency, thereby succeeding at greatly reducing power consumption of compressors.
This machine is effective in both cooling and heating, and by the above principle, the greater the difference in temperature between indoors and outdoors, the longer the operating hours per day (12 hours or more), and the longer the piping, the greater the discriminatory effect. 50% at maximum (ongoing basis) and 70% momentarily can be saved.
Introduction process
As the standard, one unit is installed in air conditioners up to 10 horsepower (5 horsepower model in development), and two units can be installed in parallel for large air conditioners up to 20 horsepower.
Installation can be finished in a few hours per unit, so it can be completed in one or two nights even at a normal supermarket.

We have prepared a “trial introduction program” for introduction upon request. Before installation, we measure power consumption, outlet temperature, and room temperature for a certain period of time, and then measure these figures again after installation to calculate energy-saving efficiency.
If the customer does not like the calculation results, they can cancel the contract (in principle, no initial cost is required), and in some cases customers make their purchase after adjusting the price through negotiation.

We have a track record of delivery to large food chains, general merchandise stores, air conditioners for foreign-affiliated goods sales companies, and various customers including governments and ministries have been showing strong interest as well. 

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