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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:05


Please leave the design, development, processing, and manufacturing of press dies to us

We will support your product development with our experience and new technology.

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Sales Pitch

Business Outline, Main Products, etc.
Main Business Activities
Press dies (forging dies and carbide dies): automobiles, watches 
Presswork: Inspection machine (sequence control) and sequence control dies (Minimum plate thickness: 0.02 mm, Maximum plate thickness: 10.0 mm, and Minimum diameter: 0.3 mm)
Sales of tool stands for tool storage

About Tool Stands
Most toolboxes are designed to store tools by inserting the tool's shank into a round hole drilled in a copper shelf board or tool support plate, etc. They come in various forms, such as a box, table, shelf, and wall-mounted type, which, depending on the shape, take up space and cause many problems. For example, long tools need spacing between them; otherwise, the top of the tool can protrude outward, taking up more width. That is why we developed a compact, rotating tool stand for storing such tools. It improves work efficiency and is safer. The tool stand is also easy to organize, can be placed in a small work area, and its rotating mechanism makes it easy to operate.
Main Equipment
Mitsubishi 110H and 101H1 wire-cutting machine (2 units) 
Mitsubishi C6M35 NC electric discharging machine (1 unit) 
Okuma MB-46VAE machining center (1 unit)
Okamoto MM-350 forming and polishing machine (2 units)
Hitachi GHL-B flat surface polishing machine (1 unit)
Shizuoka Machine Tool and Kasuga Factory milling machines (1unit each)
Press machine (Komatsu 60t/45t direct drilling machine and Yoshida YD2-53, 1 unit)
Kira KRT-10 tapping drilling machine (1 unit)
Athlic CAD/CAM 3D and Mitsubishi Electric CamMagic W (1 unit each)
Nikon 6C-2 projector (1 unit)
HP Designjet 500 Plus (for A1, 1 unit)
Mitutoyo BH-V504 3D measuring instrument (1 unit)
Representative's Message
Since its establishment in 1958, our company has mainly designed, manufactured press dies and manufactured processed parts while developing new technologies to make better proposals to our customers. Based on our experience in designing, developing, demonstrating, sequence control (PLC, sequence, ladder), and electric circuit design according to customer needs, we will incorporate new technology and fulfill customers' requests.
Even with sudden trouble, it is a matter of course to face the problem and finish it without running away. Our mission is to support our customers' product development in any situation. San-Ritu Manufactory's strength lies in its ability to respond flexibly to minor adjustments such as specification changes and sudden die repairs.

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