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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:51

Koyano Co.,Ltd.

Teflon-based Fluororesin Surface Protector "Koyaflon" for Aesthetic Maintenance

Koyaflon protects objects from dirt, ultraviolet rays, acid rain, etc. It reduces replacement and rebuilding costs by improving aesthetics, reducing cleaning time/costs, and preventing the deterioration of the objects.

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Aesthetic Maintenance with Koyaflon
Koyaflon can be applied to all kinds of materials such as signboards, showcases, furniture, glass, entrance areas, bathrooms, kitchens, white wood, cars, boats, chandeliers, and more. The coating resists staining and deterioration. It also simplifies the cleaning process, extends the time for replacement, and maintains the beautiful appearance for a long time. In addition, Koyaflon can be applied to already soiled or damaged materials. It helps remove stains that cannot be removed by standard cleaning and stop the progress of deterioration. When applied to exterior walls, it can extend the life of the wall by ten years instead of the usual eight years. Please propose the use of Koyaflon for renovation, after-sales service, and improvement of cleaning quality.

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